[Health]9 kinds of health regimes that the ancients respected, may wish to disturb!

[Health]9 kinds of health regimes that the ancients respected, may wish to disturb!

The nine kinds of health regimes that the ancients admired don’t hurt!

Shaanxi Traditional Chinese Medicine There are many good health care methods and concepts in ancient China. What the ancients admired, we do not hinder it.

01, meridian health meridian is a “network” system throughout the body, it controls the flow of blood and gas to ensure the normal function of each organization system.

“The Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic” said that the meridian has a life-and-death death, and it is a disease that regulates the reality.

Ancient healthologists believe that dredging meridians can be an important measure for taking birth, and the quickest method is to stimulate, massage, and acupuncture three important acupoints, Hegu, Neiguan and Zusanli.

Hegu points can prevent facial and facial features, Neiguan points help disease heart disease, and Zusanli points are most effective in preventing diseases of the internal organs, especially the digestive system.

02, diet health ancients believe that a reasonable diet can nurse the essence, correct the visceral yin and yang, suffer from diseases, prolong life.

Therefore, diet should pay attention to “boss food” that is, “grain for raising, five fruits for help, five animals for benefit, five dishes for filling”, but also to consider the five flavors, otherwise, due to nutritional imbalance, physical bias, internal organsDysfunctional and pathogenic.

03, the time-honored ancients believe that there are different changes in the climate at four o’clock. Everything on the earth has the laws of life, longness, income, and possession, and people are no exception.

Therefore, the ancients proposed a timely health regime from the aspects of food, clothing, housing and transportation.

People’s internal organs, yin and yang, blood and blood must be compatible with the four times, and can not be reversed.

Adjust your life behaviors according to the time, and engage in health and disease prevention. Otherwise, it is easy to hurt the liver against the spring, and it is easy to hurt the summer. It is easy to hurt the lungs against the autumn, and it is easy to hurt the kidney against the winter.

04, attenuated health care ancients believe that if people are moody, lead to yin and yang in the body, qi and blood disorders.

Excessive exertion can damage the temper, and the diet is wet, hot, and turbid.

Offenses are six offenses, and the evils are all over the disease.

This pathogenic factor is considered by the human body to be “poisonous”, so it is proposed to use “attenuation” to preserve the invigorating health.

Through diet conditioning, taking drugs and other measures to reduce the accumulation of poison in the body, can avoid life-threatening diseases, prevent premature aging, and prolong life for the elderly.

05, Jingshen Health Jingjing plays an important role in traditional health education.

The ancients believed that God is the master of life activities, keeping the spirit quiet, psychologically stable, maintaining the vitality, making the five internal organs safe, and helping to prevent diseases, improve health and prolong life.

On the contrary, it hurts the liver, likes sadness, sadness of the lungs, fear of hurting the kidneys, and even induces various injuries.

06, self-cultivation and health care ancients believe that those who pursue health and longevity must first start from self-cultivation.

On weekdays, you should rule out all kinds of mourning, say more good things, and do more good deeds.

The ancient medical doctor Meng Xiaoyun: “If you can protect your body, you often have to be good-natured,” “have good words and do good deeds.”

Sun Sizhen said: “Integrity is being considered, and it is reasonable to go through the troubles.

“Cultivate good conduct, often do things that benefit others, and you can open your mind and be happy.”

07, qi and health care ancients believe that the human body has metaplasia, promote and solidify the blood, warm the whole body tissue, resist disease and evil, enhance the function of the organs.

Nutrient imbalance, loss of work and rest, emotional disorders, sickness and other factors can lead to the virtual, trapped, stagnant, and reverse symptoms of the vitality, and the boots cause pathological changes in the body.

The method of regulating qi and health advocates that through careful life, shun four times, quit overwork, prevent overeating, adjust diet, and five flavors, adjust seven emotions, save words, learn to sneak, guide and other measures to nourish the vitality and eliminate the disease.year.

08, tonic health traditional medicine is highly advocating the use of nourishing drugs to regulate yin and yang, tonic and nourish the blood.

Reasonable tonic can strengthen the body, prevent disease, and criticize.

However, tonic should not only be dialectical, but also appropriate, and should also consider compliance with four o’clock.

When taking tonic, if it is a lung medicine, it is more suitable in autumn; if it is a warming medicine, it is more suitable in winter.

09, Gujing health ancients believe that blood is the essence of the body’s nutrients, is the material basis of life, the internal organs of the internal organs can maintain their normal function.

If there is no sexual desire, too much blood, it will cause the body to be weak, distorted and detracted from life.

Maintenance of yin can delay aging.

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