[Can I drink sheep soup with inflammation?

]_ Gynecological Arthritis _ Can you drink

[Can I drink sheep soup with inflammation?
]_ Gynecological Arthritis _ Can you drink

There are many types of gynecological inflammation in women. The most familiar ones include vaginitis, appendicitis, pelvic inflammatory disease, and cervicitis. Different gynecological complications have different symptoms, but many gynecological diseases have similar symptoms.Symptoms, pain in some small abdomen, pain in sexual intercourse, etc., people with inflammation on their body must be particularly careful about their diet. Can you drink sheep soup at this time?

Can I drink sheep soup with inflammation?
Inflammation can eat mutton and mutton, with high nutritional value. Where kidney yang is insufficient, waist and knees are weak, abdominal pain is cold, and those who are underworked can use it as a dietetic product. Mutton is rich in nutrition, and it is useful for tuberculosis, bronchitis, hypertension, anemia,Postpartum qi and blood deficiency, abdominal cold pain, debilitating chills, malnutrition, soreness, impotence, premature ejaculation, and all colds cause great complications; have kidney and aphrodisiac, moderate tonic temperature, and bruises, indicating that it is causing theYes, but sterilization does not affect eating mutton or drinking sheep soup, eat less spicy and cold irritating food, keep the vulva clean, pay attention to rest can be transmitted by women and women should be light, not consuming mutton, shrimp, crab, eel, salted fish, Black fish and other hair products, and not to eat chili, hemp pepper, raw onion, raw garlic, white wine and other irritating foods and drinks.

Usually eat more vegetables and fruits, such as: lean meat, chicken, eggs, winter melon, mushrooms, tofu, kelp, laver, quail eggs, anchovies, celery, spinach, cucumber, turtle, white fish, cabbage, asparagus, etc.

It is best to eat less mutton for gynecological arthritis.

The tonic and healing effects of mutton are very effective.

Cooked mutton, eat meat and drink soup, can treat men with five injuries, seven injuries, kidney deficiency and impotence, etc., and have the effects of warming to the cold, warming blood, warming the breasts, etc .; 250 grams of lamb delipidated film, cutPieces, boiled until half cooked, with garlic, once every 3 days, can treat kidney deficiency impotence; if there is indigestion caused by weak spleen and stomach, can lamb 50?
Wash and slice 150 grams, cook porridge with sorghum rice, and add condiments; if there is Yin deficiency enuresis, frequent urination, you can take mutton, fish stew, astragalus decoction.

Lamb is one of the main edible meats of the Chinese people, and it is also a tonic in winter.

The mutton is tender, delicious and rich in nutrients.

According to analysis, protein contains 13 per 100 grams of mutton.

3 grams, aunt 34.

6 grams of cobalt.

7 grams, 11 mg calcium, 129 mg phosphorus, and iron 2.

0 mg, also contains vitamin B family, vitamin A, niacin and so on.

Lamb can be made into many unique flavors and extremely delicious dishes.

Lamb, grilled, fried shish kebabs, sautéed lamb, etc. are delicious foods that are popular with young and old alike.

Mutton is hot and sweet, which is suitable for tonic and tonic in winter.

Chinese medicine believes that it can help Yuan Yang, nourish essence and blood, treat lung deficiency and benefit strain, and is a nourishing and strong medicine.

“Materia Medica Renewal” said that it can “tonicity, tonic, strength, aphrodisiac, appetizing Jianli.”

“The tangible thing of mutton can replenish tangible muscles.”

Therefore, the supplement can be weak.

Ginseng, mutton.

Ginseng replenishes qi and mutton tonic.

Those with the same flavor as mutton have blood deficiency, and Yang Yang has yin and long. ”

Mutton is hot and should be eaten in winter.

Such as acute inflammation, exogenous fever, fever recovery, skin ulcers, bloated embolism, should avoid eating mutton.

If the body is strong, thirsty and happy to drink, those with constipation should also eat less mutton, so as not to help heat injury.