What is the most effective way to get blackheads?


What is the most effective way to get blackheads?

First, cold water wash before the use of blackhead products, cleansing is the first step, but many girls did not notice the water temperature problem, because blackheads are long-term accumulation of dirt and the skin’s own oil is accumulated in the pores, so it must beWash your face with warm water, or apply a hot towel to your face, then open the pores and the blackheads will easily run out.

Second, I can’t help but squeeze a lot of people to use the deep cleansing mask. After seeing the blackened “bleached” head surface, I can’t help but squeeze the hand or acne needle. The result of excessive force is damage to the pores.The blackheads will not be reduced and the increase will not stop, and it may be difficult to calm down the pits.

In fact, for the blackheads that surface, we can use a sanitary cotton swab to gently lick off, even if you use acne needles, do not squeeze hard, just scrape off.

Third, exfoliation and blackheads We all know that blackheads are very strong in the pores, so some girls will do an exfoliation before using blackheads, but in fact, the skin is usually delicate and sensitive.The blackhead products themselves also have a strong cleaning power, so that the overlap is easy to damage the healthy stratum corneum. Without the stratum corneum to protect the skin, the moisture is locked, and the blackheads are quickly coming back.