Healthy egg white can be whitened?


of the most common health tips, two are actually true

“Healthy” egg white can be whitened?

20 of the most common health tips, two are actually true

As the saying goes: 璋?璋?璋?, , , , , 銆?銆?銆?銆?銆?銆?

The variety of “health secrets” in the circle of friends is always difficult to distinguish between true and false. I really can’t bear to let everyone live in rumors and illusions. Today, let us comment on 20 “health secrets” at once.What is true and false.


Egg white can be whitened?
Why, when you are so dark, can you afford to buy eggs?

There is no effective ingredient in the egg white that causes the skin to whiten. On the contrary, the unripe egg white may have bacteria, which may cause allergies when applied to the whole body.


Potato skin can dye hair?


However, the dyeing effect of the potato skin is very short, and the basic hair is not washed.


The acne grows in different positions, representing a problem with different organs?

The appearance of acne is mainly related to the distribution of sebaceous glands and hair follicles. The nose, chin, front, and sebaceous glands are prone to acne, and there is no relationship between internal organs and semi-finance.


Eating tofu will make a man become a mother, and a woman will have cancer?

The male silent woman tears, the tofu invites you to provoke you?

Tofu is a good thing, and more protein can also make up calcium.

It does not cause breast cancer at all, it is also good for women’s health; as for the impact on men, it is really minimal.


O-type blood should eat less grain, type A blood should eat less meat?

This is a conspiracy of type B and type AB blood!

No matter what blood type you are, what you want to eat when you are in good health, you have never been careful about it in your profession.


Eat ginger Shengshen soup in the morning and ginger like arsenic in the evening?

Ginger: Will I be magic or awkward?

Whether it is morning, noon or evening, the ingredients in the ginger will not change, so there is no difference in its impact on the body.


There may be no eggs in the egg noodles?

Just like there is no money in the wallet.

Eggs may not have eggs at all, and may contain too much salt. Choose caution.
Straight cucumbers are sprayed, can not eat?

Straight cucumbers, curved cucumbers, are all good cucumbers.

The normally growing cucumber is straight, but sometimes it is easy to grow up because of the bad weather and the lack of water.


Milky white soup re-nutrition?

If the nutrition is color, the champion is not milky white.

Milky white soup, more than nutrition, and sputum.


Is eating walnuts good for your brain?

If you eat and lick, for so many years, we have to grow up like this?

The nutrition of food is evaluated by composition, not by its appearance, and food is not appearance.


Chinese-style confinement is a must?

Who is the month?

What are you doing?

This matter varies from person to person, depending on whether you believe it or not and your personal fitness.


The body has not had a fever, but the body is not good?

So, is the self-mutilated person the best?

A fever is only an indication that a “foreign species” has invaded the body; no fever, no intrusion or a temporary intrusion by the body is temporarily undetected.

Good or bad health can be judged not only by fever.


Will staying at a hotel be infected with a sexually transmitted disease?

The spread of sexually transmitted diseases is also conditional, and the problem is never a hotel.


Are you paying attention to sleeping?

Estimated horizontal direction, the vertical direction should not be the head of the North foot south or the head West East or the southeast of the head northeast, as long as you like, are good orientation.

There is nothing special about it.


Sleeping and washing your hair doesn’t dry well?

However, it is really difficult to comb the next day without sleeping.
If you can sleep comfortably with your wet hair, you don’t have to worry too much.

The tangled person, since it has been laborious to wash his hair, is not the last step.


Eating bananas can cure constipation?
You misunderstood the banana.

Eating more raw bananas is easy to cause constipation because of the high acid content in the body.

Even cooked bananas, the content of cellulose is not more prominent than other fruits, but you can eat oranges, pears or dragon fruit and other fruits.

18 years old

Applying lipstick is equal to eating heavy metals?

If you don’t have the money to send a lipstick, just say it, why bother.

Unless one person eats 4 lipsticks a day, the lead does not affect health.


Can’t brush the tongue?

Both need to brush, but also carefully brush.

The bacteria on the tongue are often cleaned, so that you and me are not so big.

Wearing a bra can prevent chest sagging?

Part of the reason for sagging breasts is gravity, and the best way to fight gravity is to go to heaven.

Wearing a bra can not prevent the sagging of the breast, its biggest role is to “beautify the appearance” to avoid the appearance of various cockroaches.

How are you guessing a few?

Life is constantly discovering and facing all kinds of truths, telling so many secrets, is it up to you to say?

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