[Encyclopedia of Egg Skin Meat]_Wrapping Meat Practice _ How to Make

[Encyclopedia of Egg Skin Meat]_Wrapping Meat Practice _ How to Make

Egg skinned meat may not be heard by many people, let alone make it at home.

In fact, egg skinned meat is a very good kind of food. It is simple to make and can be used as a breakfast, making our breakfast richer.

Both eggs and meat can be supplemented with trace amounts and protein, which is important for a day’s nutritional support to maintain our health.

So, what are the methods of egg-skinned meat?

1. Ingredients: Egg skin: two duck eggs and one egg, slightly salted filling: 100 grams of pork meat (half pork belly and half lean meat, personally think that the texture of pork belly with skin is more Q-elastic.

Grandma said that she had never eaten such a delicious meat filling, and thought about it the next day!

My heart is beautiful again!

My family’s tradition is to crack down on criticism. It’s not easy to get praise!

) In addition to pork fillings, you can change various fillings according to your taste.

Ingredients: three chives, a slice of ginger, starch content, sesame oil content, a small amount of raw soy sauce, half a carrot (add radish when my hometown does not do it, and the family has exactly half of the root left to digest here) 2. Method / Step 1,Three-point fat and seven-point lean pork chop stuffing, add onion ginger, chopped, add some salt, sesame oil and starch and stir vigorously, you can add some vegetable powder as appropriate; 2. Add a portion of salt to two duck eggs and one egg to break up(You can use whole eggs.) Spare; 3. Heat a pan, add a small spoonful of oil to heat (of course, this small spoonful of oil can only pack two or three, you need to add a few times of oil), pour a spoonful of egg liquid and gently pour in,When the egg liquid is launched and there is remaining egg liquid, put the meat on it; 4. Use a spatula to lift one end and fold it over the other end, and then press tightly with the spatula. The unsolidified egg liquid just now will firmly hold the egg dumplings.5. There is another method is to use an iron spoon to grease the oil, pour the egg liquid into the egg skin like the spread cake, and then wrap it with meat.

However, the egg dumplings made by this method are not as fragrant as those made by our hometown, and the taste is slightly inferior. They are not as soft as traditional egg dumplings.

(Pure personal hobby) 6. After the egg dumplings are all made, the meat inside is still raw. You need to burn a bowl of water or bone soup and chicken soup. Pour the prepared egg dumplings into a lid and cook. 5About minutes.

In this way, the soup made from egg dumplings has a strong white color, and the egg dumplings are more delicious and delicious. At this time, salt can be added to the soup according to the taste.

This procedure is not recommended to use steamed, because the steamed out because of insufficient water, the texture of eggs and meat will be very bad.