Just married, it is best not to put confidence ring


Just married, it is best not to put confidence ring

Few family planning cadres are mobilizing newly-married women to place contraceptive rings. This is because women who are just married have a tight vaginal opening and have to endure an operation such as placing an IUD. The pain may be greater.

Usually because the cervix has not undergone childbirth or abortion expansion, it may increase some difficulties when placed, but the main reason is that newly married women have not been pregnant (here to exclude unmarried women) uterus to the device such as IUDIt is more sensitive, the uterus produces contraction, and it is considered to exclude foreign objects.

Coupled with the increase in sexual life of newlyweds, the uterine contraction is also obvious in sexual life. The chances of placing such devices are more than those of the mothers. The uterine contractions caused by uterine rejection are bound to be strong, so women will feel obvious abdominal pain.It will be unbearable to ask for a loop soon after the release.

銆€銆€There is also a reason here is that after the IUD is an operation, any gynecological surgery, as well as a long-term placement of a foreign body in the palace have the possibility of causing pelvic infection, when women’s own reproductive tract cleanlinessPoor, unhealthy sex life, the possibility of this infection increases during menstrual period, and severe or long-term chronic pelvic infections may cause infertility, which is not the case for newly married women who are not pregnant.Well, we must take precautions. In the short-term, we don’t want children to use other methods for contraception. Of course, if you don’t want to have children within 3-5 years, you can still consider putting the device, because the reproductive function of iud is restored immediately and it does not affect the child.Generational development, but if you want to place it, it is not advisable to place an intrauterine device containing progesterone. Because progesterone sometimes causes long-term closure to affect women’s reproductive function, it is too early to make a positive or negative result.Be cautious as well.

銆€銆€The contraceptive effect of the birth control device is also related to age. The pregnancy rate of women under 25 years old is significantly higher than that of women over 30 years old.