-Son-Wang Yuan wrote a congratulations to Dujiu Tianchang for winning

“Son” Wang Yuan issued a congratulations to “Dujiu Tianchang” award
Sauna Night News November 24, Wang Yuanshai took a group photo with actors Wang Jingchun and Yongmei at the Golden Rooster Award Ceremony. The accompanying article said: “Congratulations to Mom and Dad once again and Congratulations to” Long forever “!Thank you, Director Xiaoshuai, for giving me the opportunity to participate in such a great work. Thank you, Mom and Dad for passing me the trophy.I know that I have just a long way to go when I just started on the actor road, but I must keep this heavy encouragement in my mind! “After that, Wang Jingchun also reposted Wang Yuan’s Weibo with a text:” Thank you good son!Come on. “It is reported that Wang Yuan starred in Liu Xing, the adopted son of the two in “The Long Land”.At the awarding ceremony of the 32nd Golden Rooster Awards on the evening of November 23, Wang Jingchun and Yongmei won the award for Best Male and Female Leading Actress based on the movie “Dujiu Tianchang”.May, Wang Xiaoshuai also won the Best Screenplay Award for “Diu Jiu Tian Chang”.On February 16, Wang Jingchun and Yongmei took over the best actor and best host at the 69th Berlin International Film Festival with “Diu Jiu Tian Chang”.Sauna Night Editor Xu Meilin proofreading Guo Li