2017 Snooker World Championship Ding Junhui VS Selby game full video recording playback

2017 Snooker World Championship Ding Junhui VS Selby game full video recording playback
2017斯诺克世界锦标赛半决赛——丁俊晖暂12-12塞尔比  北京时间4月29日早上,2017斯诺克世界锦标赛半决赛赛程过半,丁俊晖在与马克-塞尔比的比赛第三阶段He played well in the last two games, breaking through 100 in the last two innings, hitting his opponent a 5-3 in a single stage to tie the total score to 12-12.The final stage of the two sides will be held at 9:30 on the evening of the 29th.  The match between Ding Junhui and defending champion Selby entered the third stage in the evening of local time. The first two stages of the battle between the two sides reached 9-7, and Selby led the next two games in the second stage.The third stage started at two o’clock in the morning of Beijing time. In the opening stage of the seventeenth inning, Ding Junhui hid the cue ball over the yellow ball twice to form a snooker. Both were successfully resolved by Selby. The snooker Junhui made by SelbyThe red ball was also solved safely. After nearly 20 minutes of stalemate, Selby made a mistake first. The cue ball ran back to the top of the library and hit the red ball and stopped at the middle stage. Ding Junhui scored the middle bag and the red ball started but quicklyAn offensive error occurred, and later Selby started with a single shot to clear the table with 128 points, and the score expanded to 10-7.  In the eighteenth inning, Ding Junhui attempted a far-off attack and missed the goal. The ball hit the bag. Selby first got 6 points and then moved into the defense. After a long stalemate, Ding Junhui started a single shot and scored 95 points., The score came to 8-10.In the nineteenth innings, both sides made more mistakes. Ding Junhui played several times in the tug of war with 80-6 after the start, and the score was brought close to 9-10.After the kick-off in the 20th inning, Ding Junhui directly attacked and defended thinly into the red ball bottom bag, but after getting 4 points, he lost the difficult black ball and handed the open situation to his opponent. After Selby took overDing Junhui didn’t give up after scoring a single shot with 64 points. Ding Junhui didn’t give up and took two reds and two blacks to defend with the final red ball. However, after entanglement, Ding Junhui conceded his own mistakes and scored 11-9.  After the break between the two in the 21st inning, the two fell into a tug of war. Ding Junhui successfully avoided a long entanglement several times after getting started with 86-14 to close the score to 10-11.In the first half of the 22nd inning, both of them had started but failed to win. They tried to snooker many times but were successfully resolved by each other. Selby tried to attack the bottom of the side bank when 11-54.The red ball near the bag mouth missed and left the opportunity. Ding Junhui then scored the red ball and the pink ball, but then the red ball that lost the overpoint was given to the opponent on the mobile phone meeting. Selby got out of 10 points and was out of luck.Jia turned to the defense. After a few rounds, Selby scored a red ball near the bottom bank. He once again played a single shot 45 points to clear the table to achieve a single game reversal. The score was 12-10. Selby continued to maintain a two-game lead. Ding Junhui missed the equalizer.Great opportunity.  In the 23rd inning, Ding Junhui scored a red ball after the kick, and then put the cue ball to the coffee ball to make a snooker. Ding Junhui successfully solved the red ball safely. Selby pushed the cue ball back to the top library.But the position is not the best, you can directly hit a single red ball in the middle stage, Ding Junhui then decisively chose a long platform attack and scored the red ball bottom bag to get started, a 117-point break to win a hundred wins again approached the score,11-12 is only one game behind.  After the kick-off in the 24th inning, Ding Junhui’s far-off attacking red ball bottom bag slightly missed, Selby lost the red ball in the middle of the platform in a more comfortable hand position, and then the two missed a mid-range attack.Opportunity, after falling into the defensive war, Selby thin red ball accidentally hit the black ball into the bottom bag. Fortunately, there was no attacking opportunity. Ding Junhui then returned the ball with an offensive shot to break up the red ball pile and paste the cue ball.At the same time, there was a red ball at the bottom of the bottom pocket. Unexpectedly, Selby found a combination ball attacking opportunity under a very passive situation and succeeded in a long bench attack, but then lost the green ball and handed the good situation to the opponent.On the top, Ding Junhui scored a lipstick shot and scored a single shot with 128 points. The score was tied 12-12, and the third stage ended.  After the end of the third stage, the technical data statistics of the two sides, the total score Ding Junhui 1512-Selby 1129, the total number of goals Ding Junhui 412-Selby 333, the goal success rate Ding Junhui 90%-Selby 89%, long platformDing Junhui scored 54%-Selby 58%, Ding Junhui scored 88%-Selby 82%, and Ding Junhui scored 139-Selby 128.  The latest live broadcast of the game: 2017 Snooker World Championship Ding Junhui VS Selby video live broadcast address (stage 4) 2017 Snooker World Championship Ding Junhui scored 100 times to tie Selby 12-12 into the winning stage

Women’s football touched the ball for the first time in 9 days, Jia Xiuquan revealed that the player’s mental state is very good

Women’s football touched the ball for the first time in 9 days, Jia Xiuquan revealed that the player’s mental state is very good
This morning, local time, the Chinese women’s football team flew from Brisbane to Sydney, followed by the first ball training in 9 days.Coach Jia Xiuquan said in an interview that although a period of ups and downs has experienced a certain period of time, the player’s mental state is very good.Tomorrow 13:30 Beijing time, the Chinese women’s football team will usher in the first match of the Olympic preliminary match with Thailand.After arriving in Brisbane, Vancouver on January 29, the Chinese women’s football team was quarantined by the local health department in the hotel where they stayed. It was only last night that the quarantine was lifted. During the meal or training, the team did not leave the place.Due to limited conditions, training can only be carried out inside and outside the room, the content is simple body stretching.After arriving in Sydney today, the team took a short break to start ball training and adapted to the playing field.Less than 1 day before tomorrow’s first match against Thailand, this is a great challenge to the player’s recovery.”Although the team has experienced many twists and turns in preparing for the Olympic preliminary round, the players are currently in a good mental state and look forward to standing on the field.Jia Xiuquan said that the team will work hard to adjust through training and competition, work hard, and improve good results.The most recent match between the two teams in China and Thailand was in the 2018 Yongchuan Women’s Four Nations, when the Chinese women’s football team defeated their opponents 2-0.The two teams have fought 16 times in history. The Chinese women split 15 wins, 1 draw, 67 goals and 7 goals. They have an absolute advantage.In the latest issue of the world rankings, the 15th-ranked Chinese women’s football team is also 23rd higher than the Thai team.Judging from past data, the Chinese women’s football team does not stun Thailand.However, after 9 days without touching the ball, the status of the Chinese team players is unknown, and the uncertainties of the game have greatly increased.Due to the strength of Australia and Chinese Taipei are all above the Thai team, whether the confidence of the first game can be played is obviously crucial to the qualifying of the Chinese women ‘s team.On February 7th, 10th and 13th, the Chinese women’s football team will face Thailand, Chinese Taipei and Australia women’s football team. The group will be promoted to the play-offs before the group.Qualifications for the Tokyo Olympics.

[Is the sugar high in persimmon]_Sugar_Precautions

[Is the sugar high in persimmon]_Sugar_Precautions

The sugar content of persimmon is relatively high, especially it contains a certain amount of gluconic acid. Do not eat too much when you eat it, especially not on an empty stomach, to avoid causing gastrointestinal adverse reactions.It is easy to cause some of the substances in it to deposit or even cause stones. After eating persimmons, you should immediately rinse your mouth to avoid causing dental caries, especially for children.

Precautions for eating persimmons 1. It is not advisable to eat persimmons on an empty stomach.

If you eat persimmons on an empty stomach, it is very likely to cause persimmon stone disease, so it is recommended to eat one hour after a meal.

2. Do not eat with cold food.

In particular, it should not be eaten with crabs, fish and shrimps, otherwise it will easily cause stomach persimmon stones.

3, pregnant women with poor digestive function, diabetes, anemia, and chronic gastritis are best to eat or not to eat persimmons, especially pregnant women with diabetes should reduce the intake of persimmons because the sugar content of persimmons is quite high.

4. It is best to gargle after eating persimmon. The persimmon itself has a high sugar content, which is rich in pectin and generates acid. Therefore, it is easy to cause erosion and damage the teeth after eating.

Therefore, it is recommended that expectant mothers can rinse their mouths in time after eating persimmons and brush their teeth if necessary.

In a word, as long as the expectant mother controls the amount of persimmon consumption, proper consumption of persimmons is conducive to the development of oxides, especially the persimmons dried in the sun retain the essence of persimmons, and at the same time remove the peculiar astringency unique to persimmonsMore suitable for expectant mothers to eat more daily.

In fact, for expectant mothers, there are many foods in the daily life that can be eaten, but they must not be consumed in excess.

Proper consumption is good for your health, but if you consume too much, it may endanger the fetus and yourself.

Therefore, it is recommended that expectant mothers must develop good eating habits every day, and it is best to plan their daily diet.

How do pregnant women with high blood sugar eat persimmons? Most people think that pregnancy is about eating fruit, but some pregnant women with high blood sugar have been eating persimmons, thinking that fruits should be eaten, but they do n’t know what happens when they eat high sugared fruit with high blood sugar.In fact, pregnant women should pay special attention to high blood sugar diets. Foods with high sugar content should not be eaten. Fruits with high sugar content should be eaten less. Fruits with high sugar content like persimmon should also be eaten less. If pregnant women with high blood sugar eat moreHigh-sugar fruits can cause diseases such as hypoglycemia in newborns.

[Can I drink sheep soup with inflammation?

]_ Gynecological Arthritis _ Can you drink

[Can I drink sheep soup with inflammation?
]_ Gynecological Arthritis _ Can you drink

There are many types of gynecological inflammation in women. The most familiar ones include vaginitis, appendicitis, pelvic inflammatory disease, and cervicitis. Different gynecological complications have different symptoms, but many gynecological diseases have similar symptoms.Symptoms, pain in some small abdomen, pain in sexual intercourse, etc., people with inflammation on their body must be particularly careful about their diet. Can you drink sheep soup at this time?

Can I drink sheep soup with inflammation?
Inflammation can eat mutton and mutton, with high nutritional value. Where kidney yang is insufficient, waist and knees are weak, abdominal pain is cold, and those who are underworked can use it as a dietetic product. Mutton is rich in nutrition, and it is useful for tuberculosis, bronchitis, hypertension, anemia,Postpartum qi and blood deficiency, abdominal cold pain, debilitating chills, malnutrition, soreness, impotence, premature ejaculation, and all colds cause great complications; have kidney and aphrodisiac, moderate tonic temperature, and bruises, indicating that it is causing theYes, but sterilization does not affect eating mutton or drinking sheep soup, eat less spicy and cold irritating food, keep the vulva clean, pay attention to rest can be transmitted by women and women should be light, not consuming mutton, shrimp, crab, eel, salted fish, Black fish and other hair products, and not to eat chili, hemp pepper, raw onion, raw garlic, white wine and other irritating foods and drinks.

Usually eat more vegetables and fruits, such as: lean meat, chicken, eggs, winter melon, mushrooms, tofu, kelp, laver, quail eggs, anchovies, celery, spinach, cucumber, turtle, white fish, cabbage, asparagus, etc.

It is best to eat less mutton for gynecological arthritis.

The tonic and healing effects of mutton are very effective.

Cooked mutton, eat meat and drink soup, can treat men with five injuries, seven injuries, kidney deficiency and impotence, etc., and have the effects of warming to the cold, warming blood, warming the breasts, etc .; 250 grams of lamb delipidated film, cutPieces, boiled until half cooked, with garlic, once every 3 days, can treat kidney deficiency impotence; if there is indigestion caused by weak spleen and stomach, can lamb 50?
Wash and slice 150 grams, cook porridge with sorghum rice, and add condiments; if there is Yin deficiency enuresis, frequent urination, you can take mutton, fish stew, astragalus decoction.

Lamb is one of the main edible meats of the Chinese people, and it is also a tonic in winter.

The mutton is tender, delicious and rich in nutrients.

According to analysis, protein contains 13 per 100 grams of mutton.

3 grams, aunt 34.

6 grams of cobalt.

7 grams, 11 mg calcium, 129 mg phosphorus, and iron 2.

0 mg, also contains vitamin B family, vitamin A, niacin and so on.

Lamb can be made into many unique flavors and extremely delicious dishes.

Lamb, grilled, fried shish kebabs, sautéed lamb, etc. are delicious foods that are popular with young and old alike.

Mutton is hot and sweet, which is suitable for tonic and tonic in winter.

Chinese medicine believes that it can help Yuan Yang, nourish essence and blood, treat lung deficiency and benefit strain, and is a nourishing and strong medicine.

“Materia Medica Renewal” said that it can “tonicity, tonic, strength, aphrodisiac, appetizing Jianli.”

“The tangible thing of mutton can replenish tangible muscles.”

Therefore, the supplement can be weak.

Ginseng, mutton.

Ginseng replenishes qi and mutton tonic.

Those with the same flavor as mutton have blood deficiency, and Yang Yang has yin and long. ”

Mutton is hot and should be eaten in winter.

Such as acute inflammation, exogenous fever, fever recovery, skin ulcers, bloated embolism, should avoid eating mutton.

If the body is strong, thirsty and happy to drink, those with constipation should also eat less mutton, so as not to help heat injury.

Beijing-Shanghai High-speed Railway (601816) Company Study: Core Assets in Railways Can Be Expected to Grow

Beijing-Shanghai High-speed Railway (601816) Company Study: Core Assets in Railways Can Be Expected to Grow

The Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway runs through the golden corridor in the economically developed areas of the east, and its location advantage guarantees passenger demand.

The Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway passes through densely populated provinces on the eastern coast, and the total population through the provinces and cities accounts for the entire country.

32%, the total GDP accounts for 35 of the country.

2%, connecting the two super hubs of Beijing and Shanghai, the location advantage is significant.

We believe that the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway has the characteristics of low fares and high timeliness, and has the ability to replace air and road transport, and has strong growth.

The company’s operating income in 2018 was 311.

58 ppm, an increase of 5 in ten years.

42%, net profit attributed to mother 102.

48 ppm, an increase of 13 in ten years.


Operating costs are mostly “fixed costs”, with a combination of profit flexibility.

The main costs of the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail include motor vehicle use fees, commissioned transportation management fees, depreciation expenditures, energy expenditures, and high-speed rail transportation capacity guarantee fees. These five items account for 97%.

Operating costs are mainly related to the number of trains running, but not to passenger traffic, reflecting a slower growth in costs than in revenues. The operating cost of the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed railway in 2018 was 162.

99 ppm, a ten-year increase2.

28%, the proportion of income continued to decline, and the coefficient of profit elasticity.

According to the sensitivity calculation, if the line load factor increases to 82.

5%, the relative growth of net profit in 20207.

32%; if capacity increases by 15%, net profit will increase by 24 in 2020.

92%; if average unit mileage is increased by 15%, net profit will increase by 30% in 2020.


Fund-raising project acquired Jingfu Anhui Company.

The Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail issuance of public shares is planned to issue no more than 6,256,830,000 shares, accounting for no more than 12 after the issuance.

8%. The funds raised will be used to acquire Jingfu Anhui Company 65 after 西安耍耍网 deducting the issuance expenses.

0759% equity with a purchase consideration of 500.

10 billion shares. After the completion of the acquisition, the Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail will become the controlling shareholder of Beijing-Fujian Anhui.

Jingfu Anhui is currently in the stage of gradual development. In the market development stage, the transition to high-speed rail along the urbanization process has accelerated, the urban agglomerations are more closely linked, human resources flows will gradually accelerate, and passenger density along the lines will gradually increase.Economic benefit estimates can be effectively improved.

Investment strategy: After the acquisition of the consolidated statement of Jingfu Anhui Company, we predict that the company’s net profit attributable to its parent in 2019-2021 will be 合肥夜网 116.

88 ppm, 115.

8.5 billion, 128.

650,000 yuan, an increase of 14%, -0.

9%, 11%, considering the company’s growth alternatives, as high-quality core assets, we give Beijing-Shanghai high-speed rail 2020 target price of 5.

52 yuan, corresponding to 23 times the estimate.

Risk reminder: macroeconomic downside risks. The model estimates are inconsistent with actual risks.

Walter (A19090): Pioneer of Special Gas Localization Enters Global Mainstream Semiconductor Supply Chain

Walter (A19090): Pioneer of Special Gas Localization Enters Global Mainstream Semiconductor Supply Chain

The company took the lead in breaking the benchmark for gas imports in advanced fields such as integrated circuits and is committed to providing one-stop gas application solutions.

The company’s main business is special gas as its core, supplemented by general industrial gas and related gas equipment and engineering business, providing one-stop comprehensive application solutions for gas.

The products can be widely integrated in integrated circuits, display panels, photovoltaic energy, fiber optic cables, new energy vehicles, medical, environmental protection and other fields. Its main products are high-purity hexafluorooxide, high-purity trifluorocarbonate, and high-purity octafluorooxide.Products, high-purity oxycarbons, Ar / F / Ne and other gas mixtures and series products break through the import distortion for the first time.

Mr. Shi Pingxiang and Ms. Shi Sihui are joint actual controllers of the company and directly hold the company20.

12% of the shares, held indirectly through Walt Investment, etc. 28.

83% of shares, a total of 48 controlling companies.

95% stake.

Mr. Shi Pingxiang is the chairman of the company and Ms. Shi Sihui is the vice chairman of the company.

Revenue and profit grew rapidly, and product categories continued to expand.

Benefiting from the company’s advanced research and development achievements in the field of special gases, rapid development of the downstream integrated circuit field, and supply-side reforms, the supply of general industrial gases has decreased, market prices have risen, and the company’s revenue and profits have maintained steady growth.

The company’s operating income for 2016-18 was 6, respectively.

57 and 7.

87, 8.

1.8 billion, net profit attributable to mother 0.

39, 0.

48, 0.

680,000 yuan, net profit after deduction is 0.

30, 0.

47, 0.

62 trillion, the non-performance growth in the past two years are more than 30%.

Gross profit margins were 32.

80%, 33.

27%, 32.

91%, maintaining stability.

Affected by the company’s development stage, industry characteristics, business structure, etc., the proportion of R & D expenses in revenue decreased by 2 respectively.

46%, 2.

42%, 2.


If the R & D income accounts for the core technology product revenue, the R & D expense ratio is 4.

64%, 5.

01%, 5.


The company’s fundraising project will help expand the product range. It has begun to participate in the research and development and production of products including germane and hydrogen selenide. In this fundraising project, it plans to purchase relevant research and development and production equipment to accelerate the import substitution of domestic special gasesprogress.

Special gas production technology is leading, recognized by first-line customers in downstream integrated circuits and other fields.

The company is the first domestic company to break through high-purity hexafluorotoluene, high-purity trifluoromethane, high-purity octafluorosulfate, high-purity carbon dioxide, high-purity carbon monoxide, high-purity nitric oxide, Ar / F / Ne mixed gas, Kr / NeGas companies importing mixed gas, Ar / Ne mixed gas, Kr / F / Ne mixed gas and other products, and took the lead in realizing the import substitution of nearly 20 products, and is the pioneer in the localization of special gas in China.

The company’s four gas mixtures, Ar / F / Ne, Kr / Ne, Ar / Ne and Kr / F / Ne, passed the product certification of the world’s largest lithography machine supplier ASML in 2017.

At present, the company is the only gas company that has passed the certification of ASML, and it is also one of the only four gas companies in the world that all of the above 4 products have passed its certification.
The company has achieved more than 80% customer coverage for domestic manufacturers of integrated circuits above 8 inches, and solved SMIC, Huahong Grace, Yangtze River Storage, Wuhan Xinxin, China Resources Microelectronics, TSMC (China), and Hejian, Silan Microelectronics, Rouyu Technology, BOE and other customers a variety of gas materials, and entered, Micron Technology, Texas Instruments and other global leading semiconductor company supply chain system.
The company meets the first set 淡水桑拿网 of listing standards and can be estimated using PE / PEG methods.

The company satisfies and selects 2 of the “Shanghai Stock Exchange Science and Technology Innovation Board Stock Listing Rules”.


2 (I) ‘s “Estimated market value is not less than RMB 10 million, the net profit conversion in the last two years is positive and gradually the net profit is not less than RMB 50 million, or the estimated market value is not less than RMB 1 billion,The profit is positive and the operating income is not less than RMB 10,000 “as the listing standard.

Considering the stable profitability of the company and the rapid growth of revenue and profits, the PEG method can be used to estimate, or a semiconductor material company can be selected as a comparable company to replace the PE valuation of the comparable company.

Risk warning: product quality problems, product price and gross profit margin reduce risk

Hangzhou Oxygen Co., Ltd. (002430): Accelerating market development of gas projects

Hangzhou Oxygen Co., Ltd. (002430): Accelerating market development of gas projects

The pioneers of the industrial gas landscape are accelerating. They are optimistic about the company’s medium- and long-term sustainable development potential. The company issued Announcement 2020-003 to expand the gas supply contract with Yangxin Hongsheng. It plans to set up a wholly-owned subsidiary with its own funds-Huangshi Hangyang Gas Co.The company, and a new set of 35,000m3 / h and a 25,000m3 / h air separation unit under its responsibility will supply Yangxin Hongsheng with industrial gas products needed for its production.

After the company’s cash flow cycle is gradually optimized, it will increase the development speed of the industrial gas business, continue to improve the competitiveness of the industrial gas, gradually reduce the transformation of the air separation equipment business, and implement the company’s strategy steadily. We are optimistic about the company’s sustainable development potential and sustainable profit forecast.Expected 2019?
EPS is 0 in 2021.



11 yuan, maintain “Buy” rating.

  Yangxin Hongsheng gas supply contract was quickly signed, and the company’s project promotion capability exceeded the company’s announcement No. 2019-069 on November 24, 2019. The company announced that it had won the bid for Yangxin Hongsheng Copper to produce “400kt / a high-purity halogen copper clean oxygen and nitrogen.And other industrial gas supply and service projects. ”

  Only 47 days apart, the company announced on January 10, 2020 that it had officially announced a gas supply contract with Yangxin Hongsheng Company on January 10, 2020. The board of directors has approved the “Investment and Establishment of Huangshi Hangyang Gas Co., Ltd.”Expectations for Air Separation Plant Projects”, the project has entered the preliminary stage, which reflects the company’s alternative project promotion capabilities.

  Gas business expansion measures have been intensively implemented. Retail gas and centralized gas supply have gone hand in hand. Since January 1, 2019, the company has announced five new gas supply projects with a total gas supply scale of 240,000 m3 / h.

In 2019, 杭州桑拿网 the company established 4 regional gas sales companies, initially established an electronic gas supply contract and the first “many-to-many” model gas supply contract. Retail gas and centralized gas supply business expansion went hand in hand.

We believe that the company’s recent concentrated gas supply contracts are rapidly spreading, the market development is gradually accelerating, and the gradual increase in the “quantity” signifies that the company’s industrial gas business competitiveness continues to increase; alternatives, industrial park gas supply and one-to-many gas supply contractsThe gradual manifestation of the development of the company’s industrial gas business model has entered a more mature stage. One-to-many gas supply and one-to-one gas supply have more regional concentration, intensiveness and more obvious scale effects, and gradually promote the improvement of the company’s profitability.

  The company’s strategy has been implemented steadily, and business stability has been continuously improved. The scale of the industrial gas business of the company with a “Buy” rating is expected to continue to expand and expand. The decrease in the proportion of equipment business income will weaken its development impact on the company ‘s performance;It is expected that the successive operations will effectively hedge the disturbance of income and profits caused by changes in retail prices and improve the stability of the business counter-cycle.

  The company has abundant cash flow, is optimistic about the company’s medium and long-term growth potential, and maintains its profit forecast. Is it expected that 2019?
The 21-year return to mother’s net profit was 7.



700 million, corresponding PE is 18/15 / 12x.

The average PE of a comparable company in 2020 is 15x. Considering the company’s leader and continuous weakening, given a target PE of 2020?
20x, corresponding to 15.


15 yuan.

  Risk reminders: downside risks of rising retail gas prices; new projects put into operation are less than expected; downstream industries such as chemical and metallurgical industries exceed expected downlinks; modern coal chemical projects are less advanced than expected; emerging downstream developments such as semiconductors are less than expected.

[Health]9 kinds of health regimes that the ancients respected, may wish to disturb!

[Health]9 kinds of health regimes that the ancients respected, may wish to disturb!

The nine kinds of health regimes that the ancients admired don’t hurt!

Shaanxi Traditional Chinese Medicine There are many good health care methods and concepts in ancient China. What the ancients admired, we do not hinder it.

01, meridian health meridian is a “network” system throughout the body, it controls the flow of blood and gas to ensure the normal function of each organization system.

“The Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic” said that the meridian has a life-and-death death, and it is a disease that regulates the reality.

Ancient healthologists believe that dredging meridians can be an important measure for taking birth, and the quickest method is to stimulate, massage, and acupuncture three important acupoints, Hegu, Neiguan and Zusanli.

Hegu points can prevent facial and facial features, Neiguan points help disease heart disease, and Zusanli points are most effective in preventing diseases of the internal organs, especially the digestive system.

02, diet health ancients believe that a reasonable diet can nurse the essence, correct the visceral yin and yang, suffer from diseases, prolong life.

Therefore, diet should pay attention to “boss food” that is, “grain for raising, five fruits for help, five animals for benefit, five dishes for filling”, but also to consider the five flavors, otherwise, due to nutritional imbalance, physical bias, internal organsDysfunctional and pathogenic.

03, the time-honored ancients believe that there are different changes in the climate at four o’clock. Everything on the earth has the laws of life, longness, income, and possession, and people are no exception.

Therefore, the ancients proposed a timely health regime from the aspects of food, clothing, housing and transportation.

People’s internal organs, yin and yang, blood and blood must be compatible with the four times, and can not be reversed.

Adjust your life behaviors according to the time, and engage in health and disease prevention. Otherwise, it is easy to hurt the liver against the spring, and it is easy to hurt the summer. It is easy to hurt the lungs against the autumn, and it is easy to hurt the kidney against the winter.

04, attenuated health care ancients believe that if people are moody, lead to yin and yang in the body, qi and blood disorders.

Excessive exertion can damage the temper, and the diet is wet, hot, and turbid.

Offenses are six offenses, and the evils are all over the disease.

This pathogenic factor is considered by the human body to be “poisonous”, so it is proposed to use “attenuation” to preserve the invigorating health.

Through diet conditioning, taking drugs and other measures to reduce the accumulation of poison in the body, can avoid life-threatening diseases, prevent premature aging, and prolong life for the elderly.

05, Jingshen Health Jingjing plays an important role in traditional health education.

The ancients believed that God is the master of life activities, keeping the spirit quiet, psychologically stable, maintaining the vitality, making the five internal organs safe, and helping to prevent diseases, improve health and prolong life.

On the contrary, it hurts the liver, likes sadness, sadness of the lungs, fear of hurting the kidneys, and even induces various injuries.

06, self-cultivation and health care ancients believe that those who pursue health and longevity must first start from self-cultivation.

On weekdays, you should rule out all kinds of mourning, say more good things, and do more good deeds.

The ancient medical doctor Meng Xiaoyun: “If you can protect your body, you often have to be good-natured,” “have good words and do good deeds.”

Sun Sizhen said: “Integrity is being considered, and it is reasonable to go through the troubles.

“Cultivate good conduct, often do things that benefit others, and you can open your mind and be happy.”

07, qi and health care ancients believe that the human body has metaplasia, promote and solidify the blood, warm the whole body tissue, resist disease and evil, enhance the function of the organs.

Nutrient imbalance, loss of work and rest, emotional disorders, sickness and other factors can lead to the virtual, trapped, stagnant, and reverse symptoms of the vitality, and the boots cause pathological changes in the body.

The method of regulating qi and health advocates that through careful life, shun four times, quit overwork, prevent overeating, adjust diet, and five flavors, adjust seven emotions, save words, learn to sneak, guide and other measures to nourish the vitality and eliminate the disease.year.

08, tonic health traditional medicine is highly advocating the use of nourishing drugs to regulate yin and yang, tonic and nourish the blood.

Reasonable tonic can strengthen the body, prevent disease, and criticize.

However, tonic should not only be dialectical, but also appropriate, and should also consider compliance with four o’clock.

When taking tonic, if it is a lung medicine, it is more suitable in autumn; if it is a warming medicine, it is more suitable in winter.

09, Gujing health ancients believe that blood is the essence of the body’s nutrients, is the material basis of life, the internal organs of the internal organs can maintain their normal function.

If there is no sexual desire, too much blood, it will cause the body to be weak, distorted and detracted from life.

Maintenance of yin can delay aging.

(Manuscript source: People’s Health Chinese Medicine, Guangming Network) 鈻岲eclaration: 鈼婽his article involves prescription medicine, please use it under the guidance of professional Chinese medicine practitioners.

鈼?This article comes from the Internet. The copyright belongs to the creator. We believe that the copyright owner’s legal rights and interests, if copyright disputes are involved, please inform the copyright owner to delete it. Lei Tao’s micro-signal: 342218535, welcome submissions, thank you.

The three guarantees of winter allergy


The three guarantees of winter allergy

The occurrence of allergic diseases is often related to three major factors, such as physical fitness, environment and infection, especially respiratory diseases.

Patients with allergies are likely to have many wounds due to their physical condition.

Especially when the weather turns cold, including allergic rhinitis, asthma, skin inflammation, it is particularly easy to induce influence on weekdays.

銆€銆€The following are the three guarantees for allergies in the winter: First, keep warm to prevent nasal congestion in the morning, you can add more clothes in the bed before getting up, drink hot water before getting up or after getting up, if you can wear a mask to prevent cold air directlyEntering the nasal cavity, it can directly prevent nasal allergies and nasal congestion.

銆€銆€It is best to wear a mask when riding a bicycle, dustproof and warm to kill two birds with one stone.

When driving, the air conditioner should be placed in the air-conditioning or circulation, so as to avoid excessive temperature difference between the inside and outside of the vehicle, it is easy to induce asthma and allergic rhinitis occurs.

銆€銆€Second, the maintenance of spring and summer Yangyang, autumn and winter nourishing Yin, diet nursed back to Xin Wen Yang Yang as the principle, supplemented by nourishing Yin Runzao.

銆€銆€Too dry barbecue is easy to hurt “yin” gas, too cold and cold fruit is easy to hurt “yang” gas, so you can take more moisturizing food such as honey, almond, lily, sesame, Ophiopogon, pear, Wendan, white fungus, passion fruit,Radish, bird’s nest, mulberry, sea cucumber, sugar cane, longan meat, porridge, etc.

銆€銆€Many foods have the function of nourishing yin and moistening, such as lotus root, honey, pear, citrus, persimmon, alfalfa, almond and so on.

Sour taste can absorb sputum, have the effect of strengthening the spleen and spleen, and astringent and solid, such as hawthorn and ebony.

Xin Wei can be able to disperse, and has the effect of announcing the development of stagnation, qi and blood circulation, such as the so-called five sin — onions, ginger, garlic, alfalfa, pepper and pepper, alcohol and so on.

銆€銆€Third, protection (1) patients and family members are prohibited from smoking.

銆€銆€(2) Avoid colds and induce asthma.

銆€銆€(3) Avoid eating too much food before going to bed or lie down and rest immediately after placement, which may cause asthma in the esophageal reflux.

銆€銆€(4) Avoid eating foods that are prone to hair, such as milk, eggs, stone fruit, duck meat, goose meat, seafood (shrimp crab, oysters, etc.).

At the same time, supplementing or eating hot pot is a high-calorie food, which may increase the body’s inflammatory substances, and it may cause more serious symptoms in the event of an allergic reaction.