Do you smoke?This is a long-standing problem

Do you smoke?This is a long-standing problem
A few days ago, the National Health and Health Commission and other eight departments issued the “Notice on Further Strengthening the Work of Tobacco Control among Youth”, notifying that the film and TV drama department should increase the review of smoking lenses in film and television dramas, and strictly control the smoking lenses of film and television dramas.Reduce the impact of film and television star smoking on young people.Films and television dramas with excessive display of smoking scenes shall not be allowed to have any other activities to evaluate the merits.In recent years, the China Smoking Control Association has repeatedly counted smoking footage on popular movies.Among them, the popular movie “I am not a drug god” in 2018 has the longest time to appear in the tobacco lens, the film length is 116 minutes, and the total time for the tobacco lens to appear is up to 1010 seconds (16.8 minutes), accounting for 14 of the total film time.5%, accounting for 34 of the total length of 26 tobacco lenses.9%, the longest time is 112 seconds.The film “No Evil Press” was 137 minutes long, and the most tobacco lenses were found. A total of 56 were found, accounting for 17 of the 26 total tobacco lenses.5% on average every 2.A tobacco lens appears once every 4 minutes.In the “Dirty Ashtray Award” of the Tobacco Control Association, Director Jiang Wen has been on the list many times, and his “One Step Away” and “Let Bullets Fly” were all named.The total length of “One Step Away” in 2014 was 140 minutes, of which the total time of tobacco shots was 557 seconds, accounting for 6 of the total film time.6%; a total of 45 tobacco lenses appeared, with an average of 3 each.1 tobacco lens appears in 1 minute.”Let Bullets Fly” is 132 minutes long and contains 80 tobacco lenses, averaging one.One tobacco shot appeared in 65 minutes.The total length of the tobacco lens is 2.62 minutes.In addition, Director Feng Xiaogang is also a regular visitor under the supervision of the Tobacco Control Association. His starring “Old Cannon” was criticized by name in 2015. It is said that the 138-minute film of cigarettes, cigarettes, and cigarettes involved in cigarette delivery in 28 scenesAppears in 102 shots, appearing every 1 minute on average.The total length of “I am not Pan Jinlian” directed by Feng Dao in 2016 was 138 minutes.In the film, the total length of the tobacco lens is 287 seconds, accounting for 3 of the total length of the film.5%; the number of tobacco lenses appeared is 16, with an average of every 8.A tobacco lens appears once every 6 minutes, with a maximum of 70 seconds.There are smoking scenes in many films in the history of the movie, some of them are classic pictures with long memories, similar to Zhou Runfa in “The Character of Heroes”, Liang Chaowei in “The Moment of Love”, and the chartered wife played by Yuan Qiu in “Kung Fu”.There are even romance movies like Zhiming and Chunjiao, where smoking is the starting point of all plots.”Heroic Character”, “Fantasy Time”, “Kung Fu”, “Zhi Ming and Chun Jiao”

[Can goose eggs be eaten with sweet potatoes]_ 番薯 _ 同 吃

I’m sorry, I’ve arrested Ning Ge, I’ve been arrested, I’ve been arrested, I’m going to go, I’m sorry, I’m sorry殑铔嬬櫧璐ㄣ€佽剛鑲€佺熆鐗╄川鍜屽嵉纾疯剛锛屽苟涓旈箙铔嬫椂鍊欐墍鏈変汉椋熺敤銆傞箙铔嬩笉浣嗗懗閬撻矞缇庯紝杩樺叿鏈変竴瀹氱殑椋熺枟浠峰€硷紝缁忓父鍚冮箙铔嬶紝鍙互澧炲己浜轰滑鎶垫姉瀵掑喎鐨勩€佸寮鸿蹇嗗姏銆佽ˉ鐩婅韩浣撶殑浣滅敤锛屽挨鍏舵槸鍦ㄥ啲澶╃殑鏃跺€欓€傚悎澶氬悆涓€浜涢箙铔嬨€傞箙铔嬭What are you doing? How are you going to do it? What are you going to do?You will be able to find the best way to learn how to do it. You will be able to find out how to do it. If you want to know how to do it, you will be able to use it.彲浠ュ幓鑳庢瘨锛岃€屼笖瀹濆疂瀵归粍鐤搞€佹箍鐤广€佺溂灞庣瓑鐨勬鐜囬兘浼氬噺灏戙€備竴鑸€傚悎鍦ㄦ€€瀛?-6涓湀鍚冩渶濂斤紝姣忓ぉ涓嶈兘瓒呰繃3鍙箙铔嬨€?銆佷績杩涜儙鍎垮ぇ鑴戝彂鑲层€傞箙铔嬩腑鍚湁澶ч噺鐨勫嵉纾疯剛锛屽叾瀵逛績杩涘ぇ鑴戝強绁炵粡缁勭粐鐨勫彂鑲茶捣鐫€閲嶅ぇ鐨勪綔鐢紝鐗瑰埆鏄灏忓瀛愩€傛墍浠ュ瓡濡囧悆楣呰泲鍙互淇冭繘鑳庡効鐨勫ぇ鑴戝彂鑲诧紝澧炲己璁板繂鍔涖€?銆佸仴韬尽瀵掋€傚瓡濡囩壒鍒€傚悎鍦ㄥ啲澶╁悆楣呰泲锛岄箙铔嬪彲浠ヨˉ姘旓紝鍙互甯姪韬綋鎶Indulge me?銆佸寮鸿蹇嗗姏銆傞箙铔嬬殑钀ュ吇浠峰€?銆侀箙铔嬩腑鍚湁涓板瘜鐨勮惀鍏绘垚鍒嗭紝濡傝泲鐧借川銆佽剛鑲€佺熆鐗╄川鍜岀淮鐢熺礌绛夈€?銆侀箙铔嬩腑鍚湁澶氱铔嬬櫧璐紝鏈€澶氬拰鏈€涓昏鐨勬槸铔嬬櫧涓殑鍗电櫧铔嬬櫧鍜岃泲榛勪腑鐨What’s the matter? I’m sorry, I’m sorry, I’m going to use the chain, I’m going to go through the chains, I’m going to hang it, I’m going to hang it, I’m going to go there, I’m going to go there, I’m going to do it.Bang Bang Suo Kuo Kuo Kuo Kuo Lu Luo?This is a new product. It ‘s just inlaid. It ‘s very hard to pick up. It ‘s very difficult to get it in place.7鑴傦紝杩欎簺鎴愬垎瀵逛汉鐨勮剳鍙婄缁忕粍缁囩殑鍙戣偛鏈夐噸澶т綔鐢ㄣ€?銆侀箙铔嬩腑鐨勭熆鐗╄川涓昏鍚簬铔嬮粍鍐咃紝閾併€佺7鍜岄挋鍚噺杈冨锛屼篃瀹规槗琚汉浣撳惛鏀跺埄鐢ㄣ€?What’s the difference? What’s the difference between the chain and the chain? Going to the map and going to the map? Do you want to go to the map?鑳虹礌锛岃泲鐧戒腑鐨勭淮鐢熺礌浠ユ牳榛勭礌鍜屽凹鍏嬮吀灞呭锛岃繖浜涚淮鐢熺礌涔熸槸浜轰綋鎵€蹇呴』鐨勭淮鐢熺礌銆傞箙铔嬬殑鍓綔鐢?銆佸悆楣呰泲瑕侀€傞噺锛屼笉鍙竴娆″悆澶锛屼笉鐒朵細缁欒偁鑳冮€犳垚璐熸媴锛屽紩璧蜂笉閫傘€?銆侀箙铔嬩笉鍙笌楦¤泲鍚岄锛屽惁鍒欎細浼ゅ厓姘斻€?銆 侀 箙 哔 嫔 嫈 夈 礉 変 头 年年 ⒈ 計 莿 囿 囿 纴 纵 炴 呴 乔 幹 熷 槜 屽 姜 傝 悜 傶 敶 ╅ 琢 焧 ㄤDo you have a hard time?銆佷綆鐑笉閫€銆佸姩鑴夌‖鍖栥€佹皵婊炶€呬笉瀹滃悆楣呰泲銆?

[Ginseng and Cordyceps make wine]_Brew_How to make

[Ginseng and Cordyceps make wine]_Brew_How to make

In real life, ginseng and cordyceps are relatively expensive Chinese medicinal materials, which have a warming and nourishing effect on the body, while ginseng and cordyceps can also be soaked into medicinal wine, which can effectively protect the health of the body parts,There are great health benefits, and the way to make ginseng and cordyceps is simple. You need to soak and seal with ginseng and cordyceps and white wine.

Can Cordyceps Sinensis make wine with ginseng?

Cordyceps sinensis is a valuable Chinese medicinal material. It has a sweet and flat taste, and has kidney, aphrodisiac, lung asthma, hemostasis and phlegm effects. Ginseng is sweet, slightly bitter, warm, and has qi and solid detoxification.There are no obvious conflicts in the medicinal properties between the two, and the alcoholic properties are warm. It has the effect of demonstrating the potential of the medicine. Soaking the wine with Cordyceps sinensis and ginseng can strengthen its original medicinal effect and make the medicinal effect better.Play.

Cordyceps ginseng wine has the effect of warming Yang and kidney, and Cordyceps sinensis has the effect of nourishing kidney essence and strengthening kidney yang. The ingredients of Cordyceps seed can help improve sexual function to a certain extent, and the active ingredients in ginseng have the function of adenosine.The effect of Cordyceps sinensis ginseng wine can assist the treatment of impotence, ejaculation, deafness, tinnitus, and sexual insufficiency.

Pingchuan cough and Cordyceps sinensis has the effect of replenishing lung qi, dilating bronchus, and asthma, while ginseng has the effect of replenishing qi. Cordyceps sinensis can help treat cough, cough, shortness of breath, etc. caused by lung deficiency.

Tonic Qi Gutuo Ginseng has the effect of nourishing vitality and solidifying Shengjin. Cordyceps ginseng sparkling wine can help treat shortness of breath, shortness of breath, thirst, sweat, and lack of food.

Relieving fatigue The active ingredients in Cordyceps sinensis can help enhance the human mitochondrial energy, improve the body’s energy recovery, and relieve fatigue. Ginseng can regulate the human central nervous system, inhibit or excite the nervous system, and enhance the body’s ability to adapt to all non-acute stimuli.As a result, fatigue is reduced, so Cordyceps ginseng wine can help the body recover its energy and alleviate fatigue.

Improved immunity Cordyceps sinensis has an immunoregulatory effect. It can not only immune system cells and tissues, promote antibody production, increase phagocytosis, kill cell numbers, enhance its function, but also reduce the function of certain immune cells; ginseng stems in ginsengLeaf saponins and root saponins can regulate body functions and enhance the body’s ability to respond to various harmful stimuli, so Cordyceps ginseng wine can help improve the immune function of the body to a certain extent.

The active ingredients in blood pressure and lipid-lowering Cordyceps can clear blood vessels, reduce vasoconstriction, restore blood vessel elasticity, help lower blood pressure, and also help reduce cholesterol and triglyceride content in the blood, increase high-density lipoprotein content, and lower blood lipids in the body.Level; ginseng has the effect of nourishing qi and solidifying, which can expand human blood vessels, reduce blood vessel contraction, and thereby reduce blood pressure levels, so Cordyceps sinensis wine has a certain effect of lowering blood pressure and lipids.

The specific steps of Cordyceps sinensis and ginseng sparkling wine are: 10g of Cordyceps sinensis, 20g of ginseng, 30g of Chinese wolfberry, 1000ml of white wine.

1. Wash the above herbs and put them into the jar.

2. Pour the white wine and seal.

3. Can be included after standing for 15-30 days.

4, once 10-20 ml, 1-2 times a day, take after meals.

What to pay attention to when drinking Cordyceps ginseng wine1. The intake should not be too much. It is generally recommended to drink Cordyceps ginseng wine to drink about 10-20 ml at a time, and drink 1-2 times a day. It can also be slightly increased according to the concentration of alcohol or the depth of alcoholIt may be decreased, but it should not be overdose, because Cordyceps ginseng wine is warm in nature, and overdose may cause oral ulcers, sore throat, and other symptoms.

2. It is not advisable to take alcohol on an empty stomach to stimulate the stomach and intestines. Drinking on an empty stomach is even more irritating to the stomach and intestines, which may cause complications instead of abdominal pain. Therefore, it is not advisable to take cordyceps ginseng on an empty stomach.

3, Do not eat Cordyceps ginseng wine with radish has the effect of supplementing qi, while radish qi, the same food will reduce the effect of Cordyceps ginseng wine.

[How much to eat leek seed powder at one time]_How to eat_Nutrition diet

銆 愰 煭 繆 擆 Benzene 変 変 嫴 娆 “Shang Lung uncle 犆 抆 慱 蒝 璞 璞 钞 钀 ュ 吇 楗 
寰堝浜烘牴鏈氨娌℃湁瑙佽繃闊彍绫界矇鏇翠笉瑕佽鍚冧簡锛岄煭鑿滅苯绮夊瑙備笂娌℃湁浠€涔堝お澶х殑鍖哄埆锛屼絾鏄綔鐢ㄥ嵈涓嶅皯銆傚畠鍙互琛ヨ偩娓╅槼銆佽姘旂悊琛€锛岃€屼笖鍚湁涓板瘜鐨勭矖绾ょ淮锛屽浜庢鼎鑲犻€氫究涔熸湁鏁堛€傞煭鑿滅苯绮夎櫧鐒舵湁鐩婁絾涓嶈兘涓€娆℃€у悆澶浜嗭紝鏍规嵁涓嶅悓鐨勬晥鏋滄瘡娆$殑閲忎篃涓嶅敖鐩稿悓锛屽ぇ澶氭槸鎺у埗鍦ㄨ寖鍥翠箣鍐呫€傜涓€闃崇椏銆傞煭鑿滅苯60鍏嬨€傛按鐓庢湇锛屾瘡鏃?鍓傘€傛湁澹槼璧风椏涔嬪姛銆備害鍙敤闊瓙10鍏嬶紝宸存垷澶?0 嬏 嬶 纴 鑳 ¤ Treason?0鍏嬶紝鏉滀徊10鍏嬨€傛按鐓庢湇銆傚彲娌讳腑鑰佸勾浜鸿偩闃宠櫄鎹燂紝闃崇椏涓嶄妇锛屾棭娉勭簿鍐蜂箣鐥囥€傜浜岄仐绮俱€傞煭瀛愶紝姣忔棩鐢熷悶10~20绮掞紝娣$洂姹ら€佷笅锛屼互娌绘ⅵ閬楀翱鐧姐€傛垨鐢ㄦ 兊 嬊  煙 500 鍏 庶 溂 介 覓 娓 勴 綶 滐 纴 鎹 g 粏 簽 ぉ 澶 ╂ 棭 鏅 ㄥ Strong hazel 括 槒 鐢 ㄦ Looking down the chain?.5 What is the best way to get rid of argon? Jing Hong’s book is ready for you? Do you know how to kill benzene?20鍏嬶紝娣北鑽€佽崸瀹炲悇60鍏嬶紝閲戞ū瀛愩€佽導涓濆瓙鍚?0鍏嬨€傚叡涓虹粏鏈紝姣忔5鍏嬶紝姣忔棩2娆★紝娓╁紑姘村啿鏈嶃€傜涓夎偩铏氶仐绮俱€佸皬渚块鏁般€傞煭鑿滅苯15鍏嬶紝绮崇背50鍏嬨€傚厛鐓庨煭鑾卞瓙锛屽幓娓e彇姹侊紝浜虹背鐓播锛岀┖鑲氶鐢ㄣ€傛湁鐩婅偩鍥虹簿缂╁翱涔嬪姛銆傜鍥涘皬鍎块仐灏裤€傞煭鑿滅苯銆侀潰绮夊悇杩囬噺锛岄煭鑿滅苯鐮旂粏鍜岄潰绮夊埗鎴愰潰楗硷紝钂哥啛锛屾棩鏈?娆°€傜浜旀參鎬ц儍鐐庡強娑堝寲鎬ф簝鐤°€傞煭鑿滅苯12鍏嬶紝鐚倸1涓€傞煭鑿滅苯娲楀噣锛岀罕甯冭瑁呭ソ锛屾斁浜虹尓鑲氬唴锛岄殧姘磋捀鑷崇儌鐔燂紝鎺忓嚭鑽锛屽彇椋熺尓鑲氥€傜鍏绉戠柧鐥呫€傞煭鑿滅苯3500鍏嬶紝閱嬬叜4娌革紝鐔斾簬锛岀爺鏈紝鐐艰湝涓轰父锛屽姊ф瀛愬ぇ锛屾瘡鏈?0涓革紝绌鸿倸鐢ㄦ俯閰掗€佷笅銆備害鍙敤闊彍绫?2 减 嬶 甏 槏 姺 10 鍏 嬶 纴 Qi Chongbei 100 鍏 嬶 灏 嗛 煭 璭 繆 擆 瓺 槠 颠 颺 雧 镦  纴 铡 瓡 鬙 槨 眮 専 専 専 専 尃 専叜绮ワ紝鍔犲皯璁哥洂鏈嶉銆傚鑲鹃槼浜忚櫄鎵€鑷村濂崇櫧甯﹂噺澶氾紝娣嬫播涓嶅敖锛岃川绋€娓呭噳Key 幮 湁 湁 冨 ソ 鐤 楁 晥 銆?

Industrial Bank (601166): Slightly Bad Revenue Continues to Improve

Industrial Bank (601166): Slightly Bad Revenue Continues to Improve

Introduction to this report: The 19-year express report basically meets expectations.

Revenue decreased slightly, profit growth was stable, and non-performing continued to improve.

In 2020, the focus will be on the support of restorative investment in assets to support performance.

Maintain target price of 25.

20 yuan, increase the level.

Investment points: Investment advice: Asset launch speed or new driving force for performance.

Maintain 19/20/21 net profit growth forecast.

07% / 10.

65% / 11.

36%, corresponding to EPS 3.



85 yuan, BVPS23.



97 yuan, the current price corresponds to 6.



06 times PE, 0.



67 times PB.

Maintain target price of 25.

20 yuan, corresponding to 20 years 0.

96 times PB, 29% of current price space, increase holdings.

Latest data: 19A revenue for ten years +14.

6%, -4.

6pc; net profit ten years +8.

7%, +0.

1; ROE14.

0%, one year -0.


Defective rate 1.

54%, -1bp from the ring.

Revenue was slightly anesthetized.

19A revenue growth rate was -4.

6pc, there are two reasons to judge: ① the loose monetary policy in the second half of 18 caused the gradual decline in inter-bank interest rates, which led to a high base for Industrial Bank ‘s net interest income in 18Q4;

Profit 上海夜网论坛 growth rate is +0.1pc, profitability remains stable.

Asset delivery is stable.

19A total assets exceed +6.

4%, -0.


Compared with peers, it is significantly lower than Ping An Bank and CITIC Bank, which have disclosed their breaking news. Compared with themselves, although it has improved in 2018, it still objectively drags down revenue performance.

Considering: ① the non-standard disposal of itself is basically over; ② the marginal implementation of the new rules for asset management is relaxed; ③ the traditional industrial advantage of the industry, judging the restoration of assets in 2020 or the effect of price premiums, has become a new driving force for revenue.
The bad continues to improve.
After the tightening in 19H1, the non-performing rate still decreased by 1bp quarter by quarter, and the asset quality trend has not changed.

Judging from the decline in the non-performing rate, the provision level may remain stable.

The first mention of improving the quality of listed companies Politburo meeting revealed heavy monitoring signals

The first mention of “improving the quality of listed companies” Politburo meeting revealed heavy monitoring signals
Original title: Today ‘s perspective: The first mention of the “Improve the Quality of Listed Companies” Politburo meeting revealed what signals are peaceful. On July 30th, the Political Bureau of the CPC Central Committee held a meeting to analyze the current economic prospects, and to deploy and focus on future economic work.Adjustment.Therefore, the conference’s “sentences and sentences” became the focus of market attention.The author noticed that “improving the quality of listed companies” was proposed for the first time in this Politburo meeting. The short 8 words revealed the central government’s work requirements for the capital market, which also means that improving the quality of listed companies will become the future securities market supervision.Top priority and primary goal.  Since the beginning of this year, senior officials of the China Securities Regulatory Commission have mentioned the period of “improving the quality of listed companies” in public speeches.At the first press conference of the State Council Office where the chairman of the China Securities Regulatory Commission was fully fulfilled, he proposed that the capital market is the “barometer” of the real economy. This “barometer” function is mainly reflected by listed companies, thereby improvingThe quality of listed companies is of paramount importance.  On May 11, at the 2019 annual meeting of the China Association of Listed Companies, Yi Huiman made a speech entitled “Focus on Improving the Quality of Listed Companies, Consolidating Vigor, and the Foundation of Property Right Capital Market”.He said that improving the quality of listed companies is an inherent requirement of the company’s own development and the cornerstone of sustainable development of the capital market.Continuously improve the quality of listed companies and promote the healthy development of the capital market with key institutional innovations.  The capital market is the link between the entity and capital, and between the financing party and the investor. The quality of listed companies is the pillar and cornerstone that supports this market. It is the micro foundation for promoting a virtuous cycle of finance and the real economy.Without a good listed company, there can be no good capital market.To create a standardized, transparent, open, energetic, and recognized capital market initially means that there are many restructured listed companies.Today, improving the quality of listed companies has been pointed out by the Political Bureau of the Central Committee, marking that it has become part of the central government’s focus on deployment.It is conceivable that in the near future, the related work will present an accelerated development on the basis that the essence has been started.  The author believes that improving the quality of listed companies can be improved from at least three aspects.  First of all, prevent illness from the mouth and improve the quality of listed companies from the source.  Listed companies are the source of the development of the capital market. To activate the market, we must not only give the market dating of the source from the source, but also “import” the market with higher requirements.  Initially, the Securities and Futures Commission has been strictly restricting the admission of listed companies to prevent IPOs from “sickness from the mouth” at the source.For example, strict implementation of the entire process of IPO 北京夜网 supervision, through the organic cooperation of feedback, inspection, preliminary examination, issuance and other audit processes and audit mechanisms to effectively prevent the emergence of problems and “illness declaration” measures, through on-site inspection and daily supervisionThe linkage will further promote the standardized operation of the first-line application companies, improve the quality of information disclosure, and create a good market ecology.  In particular, through the stable start of the science and technology innovation board and the pilot registration system, it truly overcomes the securities issuance registration system with information disclosure as its core, improves the efficiency and efficiency of review work, enhances the inclusiveness of the issuance and listing standards, and the predictability of 无锡夜网 policies, forming a predictableCopy scalable institutional innovation.  It is believed that through the system innovation of the science and technology innovation board, the listing of enterprises will not only depend on ownership, size, industry, but on the strengths and weaknesses, and will truly achieve the best among the best and improve the quality of listed companies from the source.  In essence, deepen the reform of stocks and give play to the role of the market’s “invisible hand”.  While maintaining a good entry and dating high-quality companies, in the future, we will further expand wide exports, categorize policies, and stabilize and resolve stock risks, so that there is room for the quality of stock companies to increase.  Give full play to the role of the “invisible hand” of the market, improve the mechanisms of mergers and acquisitions, reorganization, bankruptcy and reorganization, support the injection of high-quality assets into listed companies, and inject “fresh blood” for listed companies to improve their quality and efficiency.  Thirdly, smooth the export and create an ecological environment for the capital market with in and out.  While optimizing the increase and deepening the stock, the capital market will realize various forms of delisting channels.Firms that have severely disrupted market order and touched delisting standards will resolutely withdraw from the market, and as soon as they exit, promote the timely clearing of “zombie companies” and “shell companies”.  Data show that in the first half of this year, a total of 5 companies in the A-share market terminated listing. This number is equivalent to the number of gradually delisting in 2017 and 2018. At the same time, there are more ways to delist and there are “financial delistings”.”Illegal refund”, “par value refund”, “active refund” and so on.In addition, since the beginning of this year, the number of companies suspended in the A-share market has reached a record high, reaching 10.The delisting channel of the capital market has become more and more smooth, the delisting rate has gradually increased, and an ecological environment of a market that has entered and exited has gradually formed.

Shanghai Xbaba (603200) quarterly report comments: 19Q1 consecutive results + 48% performance exceeded expectations

Shanghai Xbaba (603200) quarterly report comments: 19Q1 consecutive results + 48% performance exceeded expectations

The target 19Q1 performance of industrial water treatment increased by + 48%, and the performance exceeded expectations. In 19Q1, the company achieved revenue / return to net profit6.

9 ppm / 18.98 million yuan, +86 in ten years.

5% / 47.

5%, the performance exceeded expectations, the growth in performance mainly came from the newly added Hegang Leting EPC project and related businesses in the petrochemical industry, and the growth of sales and installation of pharmaceutical equipment for civil projects.

In terms of downstream industries, environmental protection relocation has driven high growth in water treatment revenue for the iron and steel industry, and 武汉夜网论坛 solid growth in the petrochemical / automotive / civilian sectors; considering the new investment in Baohui Environment to increase investment income, Jiangsu Kangspel Hazardous Waste Project 19 contributed profits, raised 19-21 years EPS 1.



49 yuan (previous time 1).



20 yuan), maintaining the company’s 19-33x P / E with a target price of 44.


15 yuan / share, maintain “buy”.

The pace of outreach is stable. In the future, the extension of extra leverage will still continue. In 19Q1, the asset-liability ratio is only 20%, and the extension of deposit and leverage will continue.

The acquisition of Lantian Huanke’s equity is intended to cooperate with Tianjin Academy of Environmental Sciences to expand the project entrance; previously acquired Henan Kaishun cautiously tested the field of water and hazardous waste disposal, and deepened the main industry while expanding the industrial chain, 4.

On the 10th, it announced that it would invest in Jiangsu Kangspel (planning to apply for hazardous waste permits (920,000 waste packaging drums / year), with an average annual net profit of 12.3 million), and gradually realize the advantages of industrial resources to continue to expand into the industrial hazardous waste field.

At the same time, through the increase of capital, Baohui Environment (49% of Xiba ‘s holdings) invested in Zhanjiang project (zero-concentration brine concentrated salt extraction project, with an annual average profit of 9.26 million), and formed a community of interests with Baosteel. The first quarterly report disclosed the company’s 19Q1 investment income.159.

60,000 yuan per year + 1153%, mainly due to the increase in Baohui’s environmental net profit and wealth management income.

Asset-light operating attributes do not change, and cash-in-hand companies with excess cash do not change their asset-light operating attributes. The net operating cash flow in 19Q1 was -0.

3.7 billion, down from 0 previously.

3 billion, mainly due to the growth of engineering business leading to an increase in the amount of advance funds over the amount of receipts, such as the increase in engineering and procurement expenditures of the Hegang Leting EPC project, it is estimated that the EPC project order is settled, and the operating order will continue to be accepted.
The company has sufficient funds (19Q1 cash in hand3.

900 million / idle funds to buy wealth management 2.

8 billion).

Steady growth in operations, EPC’s flexible operation segment (water treatment system operation management + chemical sales and services) has grown steadily (18% revenue growth rate 13%, revenue ratio 65% / gross profit ratio 81%), downstream customersMainly from the petrochemical / automotive / steel / papermaking / civilian sector. Customers have been serving large state-owned enterprises for many years. Customers and project resources are high-quality and stable.The development of the EPC project accelerated, and the joint bid for Hegang 3 was won in 18 years.

700 million EPC orders (the company undertakes about 2.

700 million, accounting for 65% of 18 revenues), and the future is determined to obtain its operating orders.

Raise target price 44.


15 yuan / share, maintain the “buy” rating to consider the new investment Baohui environment to increase investment income, Jiangsu Kangspel hazardous waste project 19 contributed profits, raised EPS 1 in 19-21.



49 yuan (previous time 1).



20 yuan), maintaining the company’s 19-33x P / E with a target price of 44.


15 yuan / share, maintain “buy”. Risk reminder: The project progress is less than expected, the gross profit margin is reduced, the company ‘s 14 million (accounting for 18% of net profit 17%) investment in private equity funds may suffer significant losses due to mutual management violations, the investment principal and income may not be honored or paid on schedule.A reasonable 武汉夜生活网 assessment of asset losses is still pending.

What is the most effective way to get blackheads?


What is the most effective way to get blackheads?

First, cold water wash before the use of blackhead products, cleansing is the first step, but many girls did not notice the water temperature problem, because blackheads are long-term accumulation of dirt and the skin’s own oil is accumulated in the pores, so it must beWash your face with warm water, or apply a hot towel to your face, then open the pores and the blackheads will easily run out.

Second, I can’t help but squeeze a lot of people to use the deep cleansing mask. After seeing the blackened “bleached” head surface, I can’t help but squeeze the hand or acne needle. The result of excessive force is damage to the pores.The blackheads will not be reduced and the increase will not stop, and it may be difficult to calm down the pits.

In fact, for the blackheads that surface, we can use a sanitary cotton swab to gently lick off, even if you use acne needles, do not squeeze hard, just scrape off.

Third, exfoliation and blackheads We all know that blackheads are very strong in the pores, so some girls will do an exfoliation before using blackheads, but in fact, the skin is usually delicate and sensitive.The blackhead products themselves also have a strong cleaning power, so that the overlap is easy to damage the healthy stratum corneum. Without the stratum corneum to protect the skin, the moisture is locked, and the blackheads are quickly coming back.

Health care method should be suitable for yourself


Health care method should be suitable for yourself

At present, how to raise the main topic that has generated many people’s daily routines.

In fact, experts believe that medicine supplements, food supplements, the most important thing is to distinguish between syndromes and supplements, choose a health regime that suits you.

Otherwise, instead of achieving the effect of health, instead of eating out, it will not be worth the loss.


hzh {display: none; }銆€銆€鍏荤敓涔嬫硶涓嶅Θ涓焊浜涖€€銆€鍦ㄥ尰闄㈤棬璇婂锛岀瑪鑰呯鍒颁簡鍥犱负鑲犺儍涓嶉€傚墠鏉ョ湅鐥呯殑鏋楀厛鐢熴€侫sked about his usual way of keeping in good health, he laughed and talked, and now he is confused.

It turned out that he recently had two friends who were decomposed into kidney stones and cholecystitis at the time of physical examination. He himself also recently suffered from stomach problems.

The most amazing thing is that among the group of friends, the three of them are the most concerned about health, but this time they have shown a healthy “red light.”

Other friends usually eat the sea and drink, but they are all safe.

When he came to the hospital this time, in addition to seeing stomach problems, there is also a purpose to consult the doctor about health care experience.

銆€銆€Health care must grasp a “degree” and cannot be biased.

I usually find too many patients like Mr. Lin in the clinic. In the daily diet, the taboos are very strict, and I dare not eat anything. If I am afraid of high blood lipids, I will definitely not touch high protein and high trace food.

Now some edible oils are marked with the phrase “no cholesterol”, which caters to such a group of people.

In fact, cholesterol is the basic nutrient element of human beings and is not completely harmful.

Especially for some elderly people, I believe that the old saying that 鈥渢here is a lot of money to buy old and thin鈥?is a far cry from the foods containing cholesterol and high protein.

銆€銆€The problem is that although they are suffering from high blood fat, cardiovascular disease and other diseases, the physical condition is also reduced, osteoporosis, physical weakness, low resistance, the body’s “health defense” may be a commonThe cold and diarrhea are destroyed.

銆€銆€For example, a dish that everyone is very familiar with – spinach tofu, is this dish good or bad for the human body?

Some people say that spinach is good to burn tofu. In the interconnection, the oxalic acid in spinach combines with the calcium in the tofu to form insoluble calcium oxalate, which is excreted with the feces and can prevent the formation of urinary stones. It is also said that spinach is also rich.A certain amount of oxalic acid, if burned with tofu, easily forms calcium salts that are not easily absorbed by calcium, affecting the utilization and absorption of calcium. These statements are theoretically correct, but the key is that these are the human body.When made a test tube.
銆€銆€In fact, the human stomach is a high acid environment, the oxalic acid in the spinach is weakly acidic, and in the face of a strong stomach acid, it is like a drop of water poured into the sea, and it does not exert any power at all.

銆€銆€So to say that everything has its two sides, the key is to be moderate.

Therefore, it is recommended that you treat the health care at a moderate level. Don’t be too deliberate. It is most important to have a balanced diet.

銆€銆€Health care should also be dialectically in the pediatric outpatient clinic of the Integrated Chinese and Western Medicine Hospital. Ms. Wu took her one-year-old daughter to see the doctor. She said that she always attached great importance to health, but she did not know why her appetite was not open.

Known by doctors, I know that in the summer, I have a high incidence of hand, foot and mouth disease. She heard that some mung beans are put in the porridge. The red dates can prevent the hand, foot and mouth disease of the children, and they have been giving the children mung bean porridge for a long time.”Cold”.

銆€銆€In fact, health care should also pay attention to physical and cold reality, and physical fitness and age, genetics, place of residence, etc. are also related.

People who live in mountainous areas generally have the characteristics of spleen and stomach deficiency.

Because they usually drink landscape water, which is hard water, it is easy to cause spleen and stomach cold and suffer from stones.

These people usually can’t eat too cold foods, such as crabs, turtles, fish gelatin, etc., but eat more celery, animal offal and other foods.

銆€銆€In terms of age, the average young woman has more yin and anger, which is characterized by dry throat, upset and irritability, reddish tongue, etc., can eat red dates, American ginseng, shrimp skin, seaweed; while females reach middle age, body heat declinesIt is easy to be cold, pale, no bloody lips, chills and other symptoms, it is necessary to warm the spleen and stomach, you can make ginger wine.

The method is to slice the ginger, fry it in the oil, and then pour the yellow wine and boil it.

銆€銆€In terms of body type, Chinese medicine believes that people of different body types have different physical qualities and different physiological characteristics, and the body can be in a more balanced state through proper health care means.

There is a saying in Chinese medicine that “the fat man is more than a man, and the thin person is too much fire.”

It means that people who are physically biased are mainly yang, and there are sputum in the body; while those who are thinner are often hot, thirsty and dizzy.

Therefore, fat people should eat less animal liver, eggs and other high-fat, high-protein food, while lean people can eat lily, river bream, fish gelatin and other foods.

If someone has a bad stomach around you, help him collect it!


If someone has a bad stomach around you, help him collect it!

1, the most stomach, is noodles; rice contains more acid, so eat less rice.

-2, if you porridge, put less soda into it, it is good for the stomach.

3, millet porridge is a steamed bun (not a steamed buns), you can raise your stomach.

4, there are two kinds of drinks should drink more, one is milk, the other is hot water.

Do not drink milk on an empty stomach in the morning, or even drink milk after 1-2 hours after breakfast. There is food in the stomach to prevent the shortcomings of drinking milk on an empty stomach. Second, eat some foods containing a small amount of starch before drinking milk, such as steamed bread;When drinking milk in the morning, you should eat some starchy foods such as glutinous rice, rice, bread, biscuits, and snacks. This can change the time that milk stays in the human stomach. The milk and gastric juice can fully enzymatically react, so that the protein can be veryGood digestion and absorption.

-5, the stomach is not good, eat less and eat more.

6, peanuts, raw food is best, eat 4 to 6 before meals, eat too much and hurt the stomach.

7, jujube, tofu, cabbage, milk, carrots, spleen and stomach.

8, apples, grapefruit, grapes, oranges, wind pears, anti-micro accumulation, Buxin Yiqi Shengjin Zhijin.

9, walnuts, hazelnuts, pine nuts and other nut foods can timely replenish trace elements for bone health.

10, honey grapefruit is to nourish the stomach.

11, black tea is very stomach.

How to raise the stomach and say that the stomach disease “three points and seven points to raise”, seven points should be based on the three-point rule.

Raise the secret of the stomach, develop a good habit of eating: eat less and eat more, eat only seven servings of rice.

Eat well in the morning, eat at noon, eat less at night.

Avoid overeating.

– Second, change your eating habits: Eat on time, sit and eat, don’t arbitrarily or squat.

Stop eating spicy, fried, smoked food such as barbecue, do not eat too acidic, too cold and other strong food, do not drink, drink less tea, coffee and so on.

Eat vegetarian and crude fiber foods such as celery and mushrooms.

– Three, active diet and massage health care: mutton, isothermal food supplement stomach effect is suitable for stomach cold symptoms; garlic disinfection can help eliminate inflammation, it is recommended to eat more; another 鏋告潪, white fungus, red dates, walnuts can snack or into the dish.

After a meal, you can warm your hands and sleep 64 times clockwise around the navel.

Thoroughly rub your hands and massage your lower abdomen.

Peace of mind – the occurrence and development of stomach disease is closely related to people’s emotions and mentality.

Therefore, we must pay attention to mental health, maintain a happy spirit and emotional stability, and avoid the stimulation of negative emotions such as nervousness, worry, and anger.