Improve the entire industry chain to enhance immunity, Mengniu helps China’s dairy industry recover

Improve the entire industry chain to enhance “immunity”, Mengniu helps China’s dairy industry recover
According to media reports, dairy farmers in Wisconsin, Michigan, the federal state and other traditional dairy states have recently started pouring milk. Many cattle farms are on the verge of closure, and many supermarkets are even out of stock.In the Chinese market, Mengniu and other Chinese dairy companies have supported the upstream, promoted the resumption of production and production, ensured market supply, etc., consolidated the key elements of gold flow, industrial development and development, retail model innovation and digital development, and established their own “immunity””.Mengniu President Lu Minfang visited the cooperative ranch to understand the situation affected by the epidemic.After the outbreak, Mengniu provided dairy farmers with “guarantee acquisition, supply, transport capacity, capital, and operation” support, and urgently allocated US $ 3 billion in cash advances to the nation ‘s cooperative farms.The US dollar guarantees the continued development of the ranch.From March to May, Mengniu will accumulate 3 billion interest-free funds, which is expected to save operating costs of more than 30 million yuan for cooperative farms.In Mengniu’s view, dredge the “blocking point” is more in the modernization of the industrial chain.For a long time, Mengniu has helped the family farms and small and medium-sized farms to achieve cost reduction and efficiency improvement, transformation and upgrading through the establishment and improvement of the relevant interest linkage mechanism between the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, and a series of funds and technologies to achieve the “useful and useful”Help support the effect.In recent years, Mengniu has also been promoting the development of the national dairy industry through innovation, reshaping the value chain with digital and intelligent technologies, and on this basis, creating industrial chain growth + value chain transformation to drive regional economic development.In 2019, Mengniu announced the “1-3-6 Project” for the revitalization of the dairy industry. Through the three platforms of the “Love Cattle” centralized collection platform, the Dairy Cow Research Institute and the “Digital Milk Source Smart Ranch”, it will help the industry scale development.In mid-April of this year, the “Mengniu Group (Lingwu) Dairy Industry Chain Transformation and Development Project of 10 Billion Tons” was officially launched.Through “playing the advantages of location resources, comprehensive promotion of government integration, integration of cultivation, breeding and integration, and coordinated support of the entire industrial chain”, Mengniu plans to transform the project into a world-class, China’s top high-end dairy processing park, driving the entire industrial chain of Ningxia dairyIntegration, scale and high-end development.During the epidemic, Mengniu carried out digital innovation in its operation and management. From February to March, e-commerce business achieved a 200% growth, and O20 business achieved a 400% growth.Mengniu has also built an informationization, integration, and intelligent management system for the entire industry chain. Through big data, product R & D and consumer demand are accurately connected, and the sales forecast accuracy rate reaches more than 90%.Sauna, night net Guo Tie Photo source Image courtesy editor Li Yan proofreading Li Xiangling

Oil prices return to the 5 yuan era, the largest decline in 12 years

Oil prices return to the 5 yuan era, the largest decline in 12 years
The price of gasoline No. 95 is 0 per price increase.84 yuan; after another four years, the “floor price” was touched again; the downturn in international oil prices affected the oil and gas industry. Some foreign companies were crushed at 24:00 on March 17th, and the domestic product oil price adjustment window opened.The National Development and Reform Commission issued a notice saying that gasoline per ton was reduced by 1,015 yuan and diesel by 975 yuan, the largest single drop since 2008.This is the third reduction in refined oil prices in 2020.Longzhong information data shows that after this round of price adjustments, the price of diesel in most parts of the country is at 5.5 yuan -5.At around 6 yuan / liter, the retail price of No. 92 gasoline is at 5.4 yuan -5.5 yuan / liter, which means that oil prices return to the “5 yuan” era.  The international oil price has fallen below US $ 40 per barrel, breaking the US $ 40 “floor price” set by domestic oil prices, and the portion below US $ 40 will no longer be lowered.The lower limit of the last contracted product oil contraction was from January to April 2016.Structure, crude oil prices continue to slump, and Chesapeake Energy, the leader of the American shale gas revolution, has been crushed.Against this background, what is the living environment facing the groundwater oil and gas industry chain?  Every petrol rises and falls by 0.About 8 yuan to fill a box of oil and 40 yuan less for this round of oil price adjustment, equivalent to a reduction of 0 per 89 liters of gasoline.75 yuan, 92 gasoline reduced by 0.79 yuan, No. 95 gasoline is reduced by 0.84 yuan, 0 diesel is reduced by 0.83 yuan.  Based on the calculation of an ordinary private car with a fuel tank capacity of 50L, after the price adjustment, the car owners spent about 40 yuan to fill a box of No. 92 gasoline.According to the fuel consumption of 7L-8L vehicles per 100 kilometers in the urban area, the average cost per thousand kilometers traveled is reduced by about 55-63 yuan.For a large logistics transportation vehicle with a full load of 50 tons, the fuel cost is reduced by about 332 yuan per 1,000 kilometers.  Li Chunyan, a refined oil analyst at Longzhong Information, said: “In the price adjustment cycle (March 4-March 17), the rate of change in international oil prices has deepened negatively.The main influencing factors are as follows: the spread of overseas public health incidents and continued suppression of demand; OPEC and Russia have not reached an agreement on the extension of production cuts, and market share oil-producing countries compete for market share through price wars, triggering an international oil price plunge; global economic recovery prospectStill vulnerable.”From the perspective of the recent market decline, purchases and sales in East China are weak, and the demand for gasoline and diesel is weak. It is difficult to change the main business. Most of the main changes are just small orders, with an average daily volume ranging from 10-200 tons.”At present, the center of gravity of the main diesel wholesale end of East China is adjusted to around 5100-5400 yuan / ton, and the center of gravity of gasoline transactions is about 5100-5300 yuan / ton.”Longzhong crude oil analyst Xue Wenyu said.  Since 2020, domestic product oil price adjustments have shown a pattern of “three falls and two stranded”.According to Xu Wenwen, a refined oil analyst with Longzhong Information, after the price adjustment, the price of gasoline will be reduced by 1,850 yuan / ton this year, and by 1,780 yuan / ton for diesel.  After four years, the oil price once again touched the lower price limit. On March 17, Peng Shaozong, deputy director of the Price Division of the National Development and Reform Commission, said that the international oil price has fallen below US $ 40 per barrel, breaking the US $ 40 set by domestic oil prices.”Floor price”.At 24:00 on the 17th, the domestic oil price will be adjusted according to the corresponding level of 40 US dollars, and the part below 40 US dollars will not be lowered.  The domestic refined oil price adjustment mechanism has set upper and lower limits, the upper limit is 130 US dollars per barrel, and the lower limit is 40 US dollars per barrel, that is, when the price of crude oil in the international market where domestic refined oil prices are linked is higher than 130 US dollars per barrel, gasoline and diesel are the highestNo or no mention of retail prices; when it is less than $ 40, the maximum retail price will no longer be lowered.  The last time oil reached the lower limit of contraction was in 2016.From January to April of that year, international crude oil prices fell sharply, hitting the lower limit of domestic refined oil price changes. Domestic oil prices were not adjusted according to the mechanism below $ 40.  Peng Shaozong said that the upper and lower limits are mainly taken into consideration as both a major oil importing and consuming country and a major oil producer, too high or too low oil prices will bring adverse effects.Too high will increase the burden on the oil industry and consumers and affect the stable operation of the national economy; too low will affect the normal development of the domestic crude oil extraction industry, reduce self-sufficiency, and lead to rising foreign dependence, which is not conducive to ensuring domestic energy security.  It should be noted that when the oil price exceeds the lower limit, the amount of domestic refined oil prices that have not been adjusted is not directly left to the enterprise, and all the risk reserves are fully paid to the central government in accordance with the provisions of the “Measures for the Collection and Management of Oil Price Risk Reserves”Treasury, including general public budget management, pooling funds for energy conservation forecasting, improving oil quality, ensuring oil supply security, and funding sources for safeguards taken in response to changes in international oil prices.  ■ It is predicted that the probability of stranding the next round of price adjustment will be relatively large.At present, the main refineries and Shandong independent refineries have a slight upward trend, and the overall resource supply shows a slight upward trend.In the early stage, after several times of bottoming out, the overall inventory remained high, and the recent market news is still weak. Terminals are not motivated to hoard goods. They are mainly small-volume multi-frequency purchases, and short-term market inventory still needs time to consume.Before the advent of the next round of price adjustment cycle (the next round of price adjustment window will open at 24:00 on March 31, 2020), it is expected that there will still be a decline in the domestic refined oil market.”Li Chunyan said.  Li Chunyan further explained that domestic health incidents are gradually decreasing, the state encourages enterprises above the designated size to resume production, personnel from major labor provinces are in place, and terminal logistics and outdoor projects are resumed.However, after the bargain replenishment, the middlemen’s overall inventory is high, and the recent international crude oil prices continue to fall, dragging the market to a hollow state, and the domestic refined oil market prices are mainly fluctuating down.  Long Zhong Information analyst Li Yan said that Russia and Saudi Arabia have successively proposed plans to increase production. The overseas epidemic situation is still spreading. The global stock market has repeatedly melted, which has brought continuous bearish pressure to the current international crude oil market.Based on the current international crude oil price level, the next round of product oil price adjustment will show a downward trend, with a range of about 740 yuan / ton. However, because the international oil price has exceeded 40 US dollars / barrel, the next round of high probability will trigger the protection mechanismThe probability of stranded product oil price adjustment.  Combined with the analysis of the current Longzhong data model, compared with the previous price adjustment cycle, the wholesale price of refined oil has recently fallen through, so the profit margin of gas stations has slightly increased from the previous period.Among them, the gasoline retail profit of main gas stations increased by an average of 160 yuan / ton; the main retail profit of diesel increased by 150 yuan / ton.Retail profits and profits increased by 351 yuan / ton.  After the current round of refined oil price reduction was fulfilled, the retail price limit was lowered, and it is predicted that subsequent retail profits will decline.  ■ Extended oil prices plunge The dangers and opportunities of the national petrochemical industry The oil prices have continued to slump recently. On March 16, US WTI crude oil futures fell by 3.$ 03 for 28.$ 70 / barrel; Brent crude oil futures fell 3.$ 80 for 30.05 USD / barrel.According to agency estimates, as of March 16, the comprehensive change rate of crude oil was -28.87%.  On March 9, futures detained the most intense selling ever. Brent crude oil plunged 31% at the opening on the 17th, and then narrowed down by more than 20%, reaching a minimum of 31.$ 02 / barrel, the largest decline since the Gulf War in January 1991.On one trading day of the Air Force, Brent crude oil has plummeted by 10%.  Crude oil prices continue to slump, and some companies have been crushed.According to a Reuters report, Chesapeake Energy, the leader of the US shale gas revolution, has sought help from debt restructuring consultants as the first large American energy company to be overwhelmed by the collapse in oil prices.  ”The main business of Chesapeake is shale gas. Since the shale revolution, shale gas prices have also suffered a major impact. Its own operational problems have existed a few years ago. This plunge in oil prices is only the last to crush the camel.A straw.China is a large oil and gas demand country, and the low oil and gas price environment is relatively favorable. At present, there are no similar companies that have been crushed by the collapse of oil prices.Xiaolan Lan, manager of Tianfeng Futures Investment Consulting Department, told the sauna and Yewang.  At present, as a crude oil importer, can we enjoy the dividend of low oil prices?Xiao Lanlan said that the upstream and upstream oil and gas assets are mainly concentrated in the disposal of three barrels of oil (PetroChina, Sinopec, CNOOC), and the crude oil produced is directly provided to the three barrels of oil in the midstream refinery. The actual domestic production cost is about 40 US dollars per barrelIn the case of a plunge in international oil prices, the refinery will give priority to the production of crude oil from its own flour to form a closed loop to ensure normal production and operation.  Xiao Lanlan analyzed that from the perspective of the refinery, most of the domestic resources are only a part of the source of raw materials. China is a large crude oil importing country, and its import dependence is 70%. However, whether it can enjoy the dividend of low oil prices depends on the demand during the epidemic.Recovery situation.  Jinlianchuang crude oil analyst told the sauna, Yewang, this time the impact of crude oil on the domestic market is more reflected in lower oil prices.China’s crude oil exports have decreased, and this sharp drop in crude oil is actually conducive to crude oil imports, which can increase China’s strategic reserves of crude oil. Therefore, lower crude oil import prices may help companies reduce costs. For China, the overall benefits outweigh the disadvantages.  Sauna, Ye Wang Zhang Shuxin

[Can chronic gastritis eat pumpkin]_ pumpkin _ stomach disease _ can you eat

[Can chronic gastritis eat pumpkin]_ pumpkin _ stomach disease _ can you eat

Patients with chronic gastritis need to pay attention to the diet to avoid affecting the treatment and rehabilitation of the disease. Many people doubt whether patients with chronic gastritis can eat pumpkin. It is actually possible. Although it is not a good medicine for treatment, it is suitable for patients with gastric disease.

First, you can eat pumpkin for chronic gastritis.

There is no effective way to treat gastritis.

Got stomach trouble mainly lies in regulating the nutrition, diet health is the first measure to treat stomach trouble.

1, first of all, develop good eating habits, regular meals of three meals a day, do not overeating or sleeping before eating.

2, eat more protein-containing foods, eat less irritating food, avoid tobacco and alcohol, cold and other damage to the stomach.

3. Adjust the work rhythm and ensure adequate sleep to relieve work stress.

Relax and stay calm.

Second, pumpkin is a very healthy food, which is very suitable for patients with stomach problems and can be eaten with confidence.

Pumpkin is warm and sweet, into the spleen and stomach.

With Buzhong Yiqi, anti-inflammatory and analgesic, phlegm and purulent, detoxification and insecticidal functions, liver qi, liver and blood, and fetal maintenance.

Third, pectin contained in pumpkin can also protect the gastric mucosa, severe rough food stimulation, promote ulcer healing, suitable for patients with gastric disease.

The ingredients contained in pumpkin can promote bile secretion, strengthen the body’s peristalsis, and help food digestion.

[How to make sweet-scented osmanthus peach gum soap]_Home-made method of sweet-scented osmanthus peach soap _How to make sweet-scented osmanthus peach soap

[How to make sweet-scented osmanthus peach gum soap]_Home-made method of sweet-scented osmanthus peach soap _How to make sweet-scented osmanthus peach soap

Chinese people are always very particular about eating. Whether they eat well or not is often linked to one’s standard of living. We should not deal with three meals a day. Some people may be too troublesome to cook too much. In fact, OsmanthusIt is easy to make jelly rice jelly, and it only takes a little time to complete, so give it a try.

1. Dry peach gum 2. Peach gum and soap rice need to be foamed in advance. I foamed it the night before.

The next morning, use 3, Tremella foaming 4, foaming peach gum, peach gum itself has impurities, it is easy to clean after foaming 5, soap foam 6 foaming, put into the rice cooker after foaming, add an appropriate amount of waterSelect the porridge button.

7, after cooking, sprinkle some sweet-scented osmanthus, it is really special.

This is a recipe that every family woman must know. Do you know how to make sweet-scented osmanthus peach gum soap?

You can also consult the Internet for other healthy recipes to be an all-around and excellent housewife.

[Can crab and perilla be eaten together]_Crab_ 白苏 _ 同 吃

铻冭煿鍜岀传鑻忚兘涓€璧峰悆鍚楋紵鎴戜滑鍏堟潵浜嗚В涓€涓嬪叧浜庣传鑻忕殑鍔熸晥涓庝綔鐢ㄣ€傜传鑻忔€ц緵锛屾俯琛ワ紝瑙f瘨琛ㄦ睏锛屽彲棰勯槻椋庡瘨鎰熷啋銆傝€屼笖绱嫃鍋氫负棣欐枡鍔熸晥鏄捐憲銆傜传鑻忓幓鑵ャ€佹彁鍛炽€佽В锜规瘨鐨勪綔鐢紝鍥犳铻冭煿鍜岀传鑻忛潪甯搁€傚悎涓€璧峰悆銆備笅闈㈡垜浠氨鏉ョ湅鐪嬪叿浣撲粙缁嶃€?绱嫃鐨勫姛鏁堬細 1銆佸幓鑵ラ┍瀵掔传鑻忛姘旀祿閮侊紝鍚湁绱嫃閱涖€佺传鑻忛唶銆佽杽鑽烽叜銆佷竵棣欐补閰氱瓑鎸ュ彂娌广€傝繖浜涙尌鍙戞补涓嶄粎棣欐皵娴撻儊锛岃€屼笖鍏锋湁寮€鑳冭В鑵汇€佸幓鑵ユ彁椴滅殑鍔熸晥銆傛竻钂稿ぇ闂歌煿鐨勬椂鍊欙紝鍙互鍦ㄨ煿鐨勮剱閮ㄦ斁鍑犵墖绱嫃鍙讹紝璧峰埌鍘昏叆銆侀┍瀵掔殑鍔熸晥銆?2 銆 佹 幃 姄 姄 槮 渮 註 酎 兎 開 尬 尌 卙 戞 戏 鍏 镏 敫  壒 棣 欐 皵 皐 屽 帲 浠 ヨ  哬 橕 橕 尕 婕 僕 姕熺墿鈥滈€€閬夸笁鑸嶁€濄€傚湪娌℃湁鍐扮鐨勫勾浠o紝浜轰滑鐢ㄦ柊椴滅殑绱嫃鍙跺皢楸笺€佽倝绛夐鐗╁寘瑁瑰ソ锛屾斁鍒伴槾鍑夈€侀€氶銆佸共鐕ュ锛屽父娓╀笅鍙互淇濆瓨4澶╁乏鍙炽€?I want to visit each other  敓 鐗 ╁ 擰 沰 旰  愓 愰 Negative plate 嗏 幋 庴 麴 锜 锜 逜 逜 銆 擆 憤 憾 憆 揆 敆 敆 敆 敆 敆 敆 敆 敆 敆 敆 敆 敆 敆 敆 敆 敆 敆 敆 敆 敆 敆 敽 敽What is the difference between rugged rugged rugged rugged ruins and rugged rugged ruggedness?銆侀檷浣庤儐鍥洪唶澶ч椄锜硅泲鐧借川鍚噺楂橈紝鑳嗗浐閱囧惈閲忎篃涓嶄綆锛岃€岀传鑻忕殑鏋滃疄瀵屽惈伪-浜氶夯閰革紝鍦ㄤ汉浣撳唴鍙互杞寲鎴怐HA鍜孍PA锛岃繖涓よ€呰瑾変负鈥滆剳榛勯噾鈥濓紝鍙互璧峰埌闄嶄綆鑳嗗浐閱囥€侀槻姝㈣鏍撳舰鎴愩€侀闃插績鑴戣绠$柧鐥呯殑浣滅敤銆傜传鑻忕殑绂佸繉锛?1 銆 侀 雸 鹸 湇 鐢 ㄧ Biography of donated donations donated silly uncle Eunhan Hanren Renren version version of the clock Zhongzhen 殹 纴 镇 f 溁 槤 楤 氤 氂 氂 氈 永绱  嫃 銆?銆佺传鑻忓睘浜庤緵娓╀箣鍝侊紝鍑℃湁椋庣儹鎰熷啋(鐥囪鍙戠儹閲嶃€佺晱瀵掗噸銆佹睏鍑恒€佸彛娓寸瓑) Adopted by the rudder?姘斿急琛ㄨ櫄锛屽€︽€犳棤鍔涖€佺粡甯告劅鍐掋€佸彂鐑湁姹楄€呬篃涓嶅疁浣跨敤銆?銆 体 雓 雞 哞 容 緹 經 綱 經 經 經 經 經 經 經 經 經 經 經 璹 璱 绱 綱 璱 綱 綱 綱 綱 璱 炱 璹 璱 綱 璱 炱 璹 璱 縱 炱 璹 炱 璱 由 由 璱 珹 炱 由 産 獾 璱 由 駳 備 獙 獾 璉 經 珱 由 駳 炙 千千 務 候 務 務 申 介  琢 ㄨ Stretch the pan-and-chasing of the general surrogate of the sorrows of the chain and the sorrow of the stomatology.拰閿屼究鐢熸垚鑽夐吀閽欏拰鑽夐吀閿岋紝鍦ㄤ汉浣撴矇绉繃澶氫細鎹熶激浜轰綋鐨勭缁忋€佹秷鍖栫郴缁熷拰閫犺鍔熻兘锛屾墍浠ュ啀濂界殑涓滆タ涔熶笉鑳借椽鍚冨摝銆?

Hongqi Chain (002697): Southwest Convenience Supermarket Leading Community + Fresh Fresh Builds Core Barriers

Hongqi Chain (002697): Southwest Convenience Supermarket Leading Community + Fresh Fresh Builds Core Barriers
The company is the leader of convenience chain supermarkets in Southwest China. The main business is driven by same-store sales growth, continuous expansion of stores and improved operating efficiency, and strives to maintain stable 苏州夜网论坛 growth. Xinnet Bank strives to continue to provide the company with considerable investment income, while driving the company’s continued growth in performance. The convenience store industry is growing at a high speed, and the company’s same store is expected to maintain a steady growth level, and Chengdu and Sichuan Province have ample space to open stores.With the development of the economy and the increase of GDP per capita, consumers are more willing to pay a premium for the convenience of shopping.According to international experience, when the per capita GDP exceeds US $ 10,000, the convenience store industry will enter a rapid growth period. In 2018, the per capita GDP (approximately US $ 9,400) has approached this value and is expected to enter a stage of rapid growth.At present, there are more than 5,800 convenience stores in Chengdu. By benchmarking domestic high-density cities and referring to the development plan of the Chengdu government, we estimate that Chengdu’s convenience store space is about 10,000, and the store opening space is still broad.At the same time, the steady growth of Sichuan’s economy has also provided room for development of the province’s convenience store industry. Yonghui’s shareholding strengthens the company’s fresh operation ability, and the improvement of operating efficiency drives the growth of main business performance.By 2018, we will start freshening the stores, and the average sales of these stores will increase by about 30%, with obvious effects.In addition, the company’s scale through the improvement of supplier service capabilities and the application of big data, the continuous optimization of supply chain efficiency and product structure, led to the company’s continuous improvement in gross profit margin and inventory turnover days, continued to improve operating efficiency, driving growth in main business performance. Pay attention to the three important points that trigger the company ‘s investment, and give it a “Highly Recommended-A” rating: The company is in line with the trend of product retail development and has become a two-characteristic feature of small stores (causing the track) and fresh products (yonghui becomes).Rare offline companies have continued to expand capabilities.The company has the advantages of brand, supply chain, and management in the region. More fully, it cooperates with Yonghui. The freshwater drainage capacity and management capacity will be significantly improved.The expansion of the company’s small stores will break the real estate cycle attributes of retail companies, and the same store will better reflect the merchandise and management capabilities.Three important points that trigger the company’s investment: 1. The expansion speed of stores in high-quality racetracks; 2. The depth of cooperation with Yonghui’s fresh produce system; 3. The optimization of the store’s modern management system.With reference to the estimated level of comparable companies, the company’s main business is given 30-35 times PE in 2019, and Xinwang Bank 10 times PE, corresponding to a target price of 7.81-8.98 yuan, giving the company a “strong recommendation-A” rating. Risk Warning: Competition in Chengdu’s convenience industry is intensifying, and the development of Xinwang Bank is not up to expectations.

Comment on Major Issues of Pulit (002324): Joint Venture to Establish LCP Sun Company to Deepen Layout in 5G Era

Comment on Major Issues of Pulit (002324): Joint Venture to Establish LCP Sun Company to Deepen Layout in 5G Era

The company actively deploys LCP materials, closely follows the pace of 5G, integrates synthesis, modified technology accumulation, and releases industry resources of joint venturers to open new material business growth windows.

Considering that the 5G volume will open up the company’s LCP materials, we believe that 30 times PE in 2020 is a reasonable estimate level, raise the target price to 18 yuan, and maintain a “buy” rating.

   Established a joint venture company Sun, which is mainly engaged in the development and production of LCP materials.

The company issued an announcement on the evening of January 3, and its subsidiary, Shanghai Pulite Chemical New Materials Co., Ltd., plans to invest 29 million yuan with Zhou Xiao and Yang Ye to set up Sun Pudong Material Technology Co., Ltd.

The Sun company will mainly engage in the R & D, production and production of LCP resins and fibers, and deepen the application of LCP products in communication cables, 5G high frequency PCB boards and integrated circuit carrier boards, acoustic wires, military industry, aerospace and other fields.

   The volume of LCP materials will expand at any time, and the growth window will open soon.

LCP materials have good dielectric properties, strength and high temperature resistance. In 5G (especially the long-term development direction-millimeter wave era, it will become the most suitable antenna material), military and other fields are at a time of rapid volume.

Before the establishment of the grandson company, the company has made a certain layout in the field of LCP (currently has a capacity of 2,000 tons of resin, that is, 3,000 tons of modified resin, and the company has successfully completed the complete technology and production system from resin polymerization to modified compounding.Developed a series of high-performance LCP materials with ultra-high flow, ultra-low warpage, high strength, antistatic, etc.).

The upcoming Sun company will gradually 武汉夜生活网 deepen the company’s layout in the 5G field (long-term planned production capacity of 10,000 tons), and gradually realize the sharing of technical and sales resources with the two joint venture partners.

Generally speaking, this investment is expected to rapidly advance the company’s LCP business expansion in the 5G era.

   Waiting for the turning point of car sales, the company’s competitive advantage is prominent.

Although the sales volume of the automobile has achieved a certain growth in 2019 stimulated by the inventory of the National Five Clearances, the overall automotive industry remains weak.

We believe that the company, as a leader in automotive modified materials, uses its own research and development advantages and VCS sales model to continue to expand its share during the pressure phase of the automotive industry, 四川耍耍网 resulting in a significant degree of benefit from the inflection point in the automotive industry that may occur later.

At the same time, although the total crude oil price has a certain range under the influence of the turbulence in the Middle East, the central level of crude oil prices has been lower than the level in the past few years.The scope is limited, and we are optimistic that the company’s modified plastics business has a trend reversal.

   Risk factors: 1) Continued weak demand for automobiles; 2) The development of LCP film-making process is not smooth; 3) Raw material price fluctuations caused by factors such as crude oil prices

   Investment suggestion: The company will lay out LCP materials in a big way, follow the 5G pace, use synthesis, modification technology to accumulate and add industry resources of joint ventures to open new material business growth windows.

Maintain the company’s 2019/20/21 EPS forecast to 0.



95 yuan, considering the 5G volume to open up the company’s LCP materials, we believe that 30 times PE in 2020 is a reasonable estimate level, raise the target price to 18 yuan, and maintain a “buy” rating.

Antarctic E-commerce (002127): 1H19: Core business revenue + 36% of main business profit + 40% of full platform GMV + 62% reorganization factoring business financial quality improvement

Antarctic E-commerce 杭州桑拿 (002127): 1H19: Core business revenue + 36% of main business profit + 40% of full platform GMV + 62% reorganization factoring business financial quality improvement

The performance of core business revenue increased by 36%.

Antarctic e-commerce achieved revenue of 16 in the first half of 2019.

3.4 billion / + 32% per year, net profit attributed to mother3.

8.6 billion / + 32% year-on-year, of which the main business of Antarctica achieved revenue4.

2.5 billion / + 29% per year, net profit attributed to the mother3.

29 ppm / + 40% year-on-year, Antarctic core business brand service fee achieved revenue3.

With an annual revenue of 8.1 billion / + 36%, Antarctica’s other businesses achieved zero revenue.

Year-on-year increase of 44 ppm / -10% (of which factoring business is 0.

Year-on-year growth of 1.8 billion / -15%, accounting for 1% of total revenue.

1% /-0.

6pct), time interconnection to achieve revenue 12.

1 billion / + 34% year-on-year, attributable to net profit of 0.

5.7 billion / + 2% per year.

The amount of accounts receivable improved significantly, the amount of accounts receivable in factoring business decreased, and the financial quality improved.

In the first half of 2019, the net receivables of Antarctic core business brand service business was 3.

9 billion / + 26% year-on-year, which is less than the 36% revenue growth rate of this business, and the net receivables of factoring business is 3.

10% /-24% YOY, the net receivable of time interconnection business is 1.

8.5 billion / -32% year-on-year.

In 1H2019, the total GMV of Antarctic e-commerce brands and platforms reached 109.

800 million, a 62% increase in ten years.

In 2018, the company’s GMV volume exceeded 200 billion, and 1H2019 still achieved a 62% growth, reflecting the head siphon effect of the company’s brand power in the e-commerce model.

In terms of brands, the growth of the Antarctic brand is strong: Antarctic / Cartier Le Crocodile / Classic Teddy / Other achieved 95 respectively.




900 million GMV, the previous growth rate was 67.

6% / 36.

7% / 51.

6% /-25.

2%, respectively accounting for 87.

6% / 11.

6% / 0.

8% / 0.

8%, more than +3.

1pct / -2.

1 point / -0.

1 point / -0.

9 points.①The customer acquisition cost of the Antarctic brand is reduced; ②The marginal cost and marketing cost of the Antarctic brand category are reduced; ③ the value of the dominant category is prominent, and the city share is further increased; ④ comply with the e-commerce channel flow rules and gradually introduce large store strategies, with effectsSignificantly.

In terms of different platforms, Ali has maintained a high growth rate, and social e-commerce 杭州夜网论坛 has risen strongly.

Ali / Jingdong / Social E-commerce / Vipshop will achieve 73 respectively.




400 million GMV, the annual growth rate is 55.

6% / 37.

6% / 130.

7% / 167.

8%, respectively accounting for 67.

0% / 16.

1% / 12.

4% / 3.

4%, twice -2.

5pct / -2.

8 points / + 3.

7pct / + 1.

6 points.

Investment recommendations We expect that the Antarctic e-commerce GMV composite material will exceed 35% in the next 2-3 years. It is estimated that the company’s net profit attributable to the parent will be 12 in 2019-2021.



0 billion, corresponding to PE respectively 21/16 / 13x, maintain BUY rating, target price of 15 yuan.

Risk reminders: e-commerce growth profit; platform policy risks; lifting of ban risks; category expansion risks.

Old confused – wary of Alzheimer’s syndrome!

“Old confused”?
Be wary of Alzheimer’s syndrome!

Many people have the feeling that the old people in the family often lose their lives, and the same question will be asked repeatedly, but things can be remembered more than 10 years ago and even decades ago.
Therefore, the memory of the elderly is still quite good.
Professor Zhang Zhiwei, director of the Department of Neurology, Zhongda Hospital affiliated to Southeast University, said that many people often regard the “old confused” manifested in the early stages of senile dementia as a normal reaction, thus ignoring timely treatment and effective intervention.
銆€銆€A total of 1480 elderly people were investigated in the neurological department memory disorder clinic of Zhongda Hospital, and 476 of them had a significant decline in self-reported memory function.
According to a professional doctor’s assessment, 115 people were found to have mild cognitive impairment.
Two and a half years later, 15 of the 69 elderly people who were followed up and developed had developed dementia.
銆€銆€According to the reporter, the prevalence of senile dementia is 3.
8%, with the increase of age, its incidence gradually increased, the prevalence rate of elderly people over 80 years old is as high as 25-30%.
銆€銆€Zhang Zhixuan said that the memory impairment of the elderly is the earliest symptom of dementia. If the elderly have memory loss, the family should be vigilant and take measures to actively intervene, especially for the elderly with chronic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes and coronary heart disease.More attention should be paid because early intervention can effectively delay or reduce the incidence of dementia.
銆€銆€For the elderly with memory impairment, scientific training and treatment should be carried out under the guidance of a specialist.
First of all, we must maintain a healthy lifestyle, exercise properly, eat properly, be diligent, and be optimistic.
Secondly, it is necessary to conduct cognitive training under the guidance of doctors, such as reading more books, learning more, cultivating a variety of hobbies, communicating with others, and participating in educational activities such as playing chess and playing cards to delay brain aging.
銆€銆€As social competition continues to intensify, the pressure of work and life continues to increase, and the time for children to accompany the elderly is becoming less and less. Old people who lack communication are more likely to feel lost and depressed.
Therefore, experts urge young people to pay more attention to the elderly at home, often go home to see, talk more with the elderly, let the elderly maintain a healthy and happy mood for a long time.

Pulling fingers and barbed, causing bacterial infection


Pulling fingers and barbed, causing bacterial infection

After the winter, the weather began to dry out. Many people began to crack the skin on the skin of the nail near the finger, forming a raised triangle barb. If it scratches the clothes or touches these thorns, it will feel pain.When you see them, you will always unconsciously want to pull them out. If you really pull them out, you will feel pain, and you will often get bloody fingers. In severe cases, skin infections may occur.

銆€銆€These “barbs” are medically called “reverse stripping” and refer to small long triangular epidermis that is lifted from the proximal or lateral edge of the nail fold and has pain.

銆€銆€The main reason for long barbs is dry skin, cracks and habitual nail biting.

Bite is a very common cause, so young people are more prone to barbs, and people will also grow barbs, more likely to be related to dry skin.

If it does not heal for a long time, it may be related to the long-term dryness of the skin caused by the lack of vitamins or trace elements.

銆€銆€This kind of “barb” is only the damage of the superficial layer of the skin. This is not enough. However, people often pull and tear the barbed. Since the structure of the nail epithelium is connected downwards and backwards, attempting to tear off will cause further tearing of the barb.The result is that the barbs tear more, and the more they tear, the deeper the skin, causing further damage to the deep layers of the skin and causing bleeding and infection.

銆€銆€The ditch at the junction of the nail and the surrounding skin is called the sulcus. Once the barb is infected, it will soon spread to the sulcus and cause paronychia, which may cause local swelling, pain and even suppuration. If it is not treated in time, it may further develop into a subabdominal abscess.Purulent fingertip inflammation, the former should be pulled, and the other should be cut open at the fingertips to get a cure.

It can be seen that the small barbs will bring much pain due to improper handling.

銆€銆€Therefore, if you find that there are barbs on your fingers, don’t tear them. The correct way is to soak the barbed hands with warm water for about 5 minutes. After the skin around the nails becomes soft, use a nail clipper or a small scissors to barb.Cut it off at the root.

銆€銆€Because dry barbs may form tiny tears in the skin during pruning, resulting in more barbs.

Since there is a chance that the infection will occur when the barb is cut off, the nail clipper or the small scissors should be disinfected with alcohol before cutting. The barbed should also be coated with iodine before being cut off and cut off.

If the barb is red or has suppuration, it is likely that an infection has occurred. It is best to go to the hospital.

銆€銆€For the prevention and prevention of barbs, parents should not let the child unconsciously bite the nails. If the skin is dry, it is necessary to apply moisturizer or vitamin E cream.

銆€銆€While moisturizing your fingers outside, you can consider supplementing vitamins A, E, C and trace elements such as zinc and selenium. Among them, you can eat carrots, cantaloupe, eggs, milk, almonds, kelp, seaweed, sea fish, green vegetables and so on.