Old confused – wary of Alzheimer’s syndrome!

“Old confused”?
Be wary of Alzheimer’s syndrome!

Many people have the feeling that the old people in the family often lose their lives, and the same question will be asked repeatedly, but things can be remembered more than 10 years ago and even decades ago.
Therefore, the memory of the elderly is still quite good.
Professor Zhang Zhiwei, director of the Department of Neurology, Zhongda Hospital affiliated to Southeast University, said that many people often regard the “old confused” manifested in the early stages of senile dementia as a normal reaction, thus ignoring timely treatment and effective intervention.
銆€銆€A total of 1480 elderly people were investigated in the neurological department memory disorder clinic of Zhongda Hospital, and 476 of them had a significant decline in self-reported memory function.
According to a professional doctor’s assessment, 115 people were found to have mild cognitive impairment.
Two and a half years later, 15 of the 69 elderly people who were followed up and developed had developed dementia.
銆€銆€According to the reporter, the prevalence of senile dementia is 3.
8%, with the increase of age, its incidence gradually increased, the prevalence rate of elderly people over 80 years old is as high as 25-30%.
銆€銆€Zhang Zhixuan said that the memory impairment of the elderly is the earliest symptom of dementia. If the elderly have memory loss, the family should be vigilant and take measures to actively intervene, especially for the elderly with chronic diseases such as hypertension, diabetes and coronary heart disease.More attention should be paid because early intervention can effectively delay or reduce the incidence of dementia.
銆€銆€For the elderly with memory impairment, scientific training and treatment should be carried out under the guidance of a specialist.
First of all, we must maintain a healthy lifestyle, exercise properly, eat properly, be diligent, and be optimistic.
Secondly, it is necessary to conduct cognitive training under the guidance of doctors, such as reading more books, learning more, cultivating a variety of hobbies, communicating with others, and participating in educational activities such as playing chess and playing cards to delay brain aging.
銆€銆€As social competition continues to intensify, the pressure of work and life continues to increase, and the time for children to accompany the elderly is becoming less and less. Old people who lack communication are more likely to feel lost and depressed.
Therefore, experts urge young people to pay more attention to the elderly at home, often go home to see, talk more with the elderly, let the elderly maintain a healthy and happy mood for a long time.

Pulling fingers and barbed, causing bacterial infection


Pulling fingers and barbed, causing bacterial infection

After the winter, the weather began to dry out. Many people began to crack the skin on the skin of the nail near the finger, forming a raised triangle barb. If it scratches the clothes or touches these thorns, it will feel pain.When you see them, you will always unconsciously want to pull them out. If you really pull them out, you will feel pain, and you will often get bloody fingers. In severe cases, skin infections may occur.

銆€銆€These “barbs” are medically called “reverse stripping” and refer to small long triangular epidermis that is lifted from the proximal or lateral edge of the nail fold and has pain.

銆€銆€The main reason for long barbs is dry skin, cracks and habitual nail biting.

Bite is a very common cause, so young people are more prone to barbs, and people will also grow barbs, more likely to be related to dry skin.

If it does not heal for a long time, it may be related to the long-term dryness of the skin caused by the lack of vitamins or trace elements.

銆€銆€This kind of “barb” is only the damage of the superficial layer of the skin. This is not enough. However, people often pull and tear the barbed. Since the structure of the nail epithelium is connected downwards and backwards, attempting to tear off will cause further tearing of the barb.The result is that the barbs tear more, and the more they tear, the deeper the skin, causing further damage to the deep layers of the skin and causing bleeding and infection.

銆€銆€The ditch at the junction of the nail and the surrounding skin is called the sulcus. Once the barb is infected, it will soon spread to the sulcus and cause paronychia, which may cause local swelling, pain and even suppuration. If it is not treated in time, it may further develop into a subabdominal abscess.Purulent fingertip inflammation, the former should be pulled, and the other should be cut open at the fingertips to get a cure.

It can be seen that the small barbs will bring much pain due to improper handling.

銆€銆€Therefore, if you find that there are barbs on your fingers, don’t tear them. The correct way is to soak the barbed hands with warm water for about 5 minutes. After the skin around the nails becomes soft, use a nail clipper or a small scissors to barb.Cut it off at the root.

銆€銆€Because dry barbs may form tiny tears in the skin during pruning, resulting in more barbs.

Since there is a chance that the infection will occur when the barb is cut off, the nail clipper or the small scissors should be disinfected with alcohol before cutting. The barbed should also be coated with iodine before being cut off and cut off.

If the barb is red or has suppuration, it is likely that an infection has occurred. It is best to go to the hospital.

銆€銆€For the prevention and prevention of barbs, parents should not let the child unconsciously bite the nails. If the skin is dry, it is necessary to apply moisturizer or vitamin E cream.

銆€銆€While moisturizing your fingers outside, you can consider supplementing vitamins A, E, C and trace elements such as zinc and selenium. Among them, you can eat carrots, cantaloupe, eggs, milk, almonds, kelp, seaweed, sea fish, green vegetables and so on.