Healthy egg white can be whitened?


of the most common health tips, two are actually true

“Healthy” egg white can be whitened?

20 of the most common health tips, two are actually true

As the saying goes: 璋?璋?璋?, , , , , 銆?銆?銆?銆?銆?銆?

The variety of “health secrets” in the circle of friends is always difficult to distinguish between true and false. I really can’t bear to let everyone live in rumors and illusions. Today, let us comment on 20 “health secrets” at once.What is true and false.


Egg white can be whitened?
Why, when you are so dark, can you afford to buy eggs?

There is no effective ingredient in the egg white that causes the skin to whiten. On the contrary, the unripe egg white may have bacteria, which may cause allergies when applied to the whole body.


Potato skin can dye hair?


However, the dyeing effect of the potato skin is very short, and the basic hair is not washed.


The acne grows in different positions, representing a problem with different organs?

The appearance of acne is mainly related to the distribution of sebaceous glands and hair follicles. The nose, chin, front, and sebaceous glands are prone to acne, and there is no relationship between internal organs and semi-finance.


Eating tofu will make a man become a mother, and a woman will have cancer?

The male silent woman tears, the tofu invites you to provoke you?

Tofu is a good thing, and more protein can also make up calcium.

It does not cause breast cancer at all, it is also good for women’s health; as for the impact on men, it is really minimal.


O-type blood should eat less grain, type A blood should eat less meat?

This is a conspiracy of type B and type AB blood!

No matter what blood type you are, what you want to eat when you are in good health, you have never been careful about it in your profession.


Eat ginger Shengshen soup in the morning and ginger like arsenic in the evening?

Ginger: Will I be magic or awkward?

Whether it is morning, noon or evening, the ingredients in the ginger will not change, so there is no difference in its impact on the body.


There may be no eggs in the egg noodles?

Just like there is no money in the wallet.

Eggs may not have eggs at all, and may contain too much salt. Choose caution.
Straight cucumbers are sprayed, can not eat?

Straight cucumbers, curved cucumbers, are all good cucumbers.

The normally growing cucumber is straight, but sometimes it is easy to grow up because of the bad weather and the lack of water.


Milky white soup re-nutrition?

If the nutrition is color, the champion is not milky white.

Milky white soup, more than nutrition, and sputum.


Is eating walnuts good for your brain?

If you eat and lick, for so many years, we have to grow up like this?

The nutrition of food is evaluated by composition, not by its appearance, and food is not appearance.


Chinese-style confinement is a must?

Who is the month?

What are you doing?

This matter varies from person to person, depending on whether you believe it or not and your personal fitness.


The body has not had a fever, but the body is not good?

So, is the self-mutilated person the best?

A fever is only an indication that a “foreign species” has invaded the body; no fever, no intrusion or a temporary intrusion by the body is temporarily undetected.

Good or bad health can be judged not only by fever.


Will staying at a hotel be infected with a sexually transmitted disease?

The spread of sexually transmitted diseases is also conditional, and the problem is never a hotel.


Are you paying attention to sleeping?

Estimated horizontal direction, the vertical direction should not be the head of the North foot south or the head West East or the southeast of the head northeast, as long as you like, are good orientation.

There is nothing special about it.


Sleeping and washing your hair doesn’t dry well?

However, it is really difficult to comb the next day without sleeping.
If you can sleep comfortably with your wet hair, you don’t have to worry too much.

The tangled person, since it has been laborious to wash his hair, is not the last step.


Eating bananas can cure constipation?
You misunderstood the banana.

Eating more raw bananas is easy to cause constipation because of the high acid content in the body.

Even cooked bananas, the content of cellulose is not more prominent than other fruits, but you can eat oranges, pears or dragon fruit and other fruits.

18 years old

Applying lipstick is equal to eating heavy metals?

If you don’t have the money to send a lipstick, just say it, why bother.

Unless one person eats 4 lipsticks a day, the lead does not affect health.


Can’t brush the tongue?

Both need to brush, but also carefully brush.

The bacteria on the tongue are often cleaned, so that you and me are not so big.

Wearing a bra can prevent chest sagging?

Part of the reason for sagging breasts is gravity, and the best way to fight gravity is to go to heaven.

Wearing a bra can not prevent the sagging of the breast, its biggest role is to “beautify the appearance” to avoid the appearance of various cockroaches.

How are you guessing a few?

Life is constantly discovering and facing all kinds of truths, telling so many secrets, is it up to you to say?

Source: Clove Doctor

The first captain of the women’s volleyball team, Iron Girl, once dare to fight, now attaches importance to health


The first captain of the women’s volleyball team, “Iron Girl”, once “dare to fight”, now attaches importance to health

The Japanese women’s volleyball World Championships is about to start. This incident has aroused widespread concern among Chinese fans. Under the guidance of coach Lang Ping, under the guidance of Captain Zhu Ting, Zhu Ting has made great progress.Captain, Lang Ping thinks that Zhu Ting’s strength can now enter the top three in the world. For Zhu Ting, the fans are familiar with it.

However, the women’s volleyball team has developed to the present, I believe that the old fans will certainly remember a person, she is the “Cultural Revolution”, the first captain of the Chinese women’s volleyball team – Cao Huiying.

Cao Huiying was born in Weinan County, Tangshan City, Hebei Province in 1954. In 1972, Cao Huiying was selected into the Beijing Institute of Physical Education for volleyball training. In 1973, he participated in the Chinese People’s Liberation Army and played in the Bayi volleyball team. In 1976, he was elected to the national team.The first captain and the main attacker, the technology is comprehensive, the block is good, and the 3rd position fast ball is played.

Cao Huiying is known as “Iron Girl”, and there are still steel plates embedded in the leg when injured.

At any time, Cao Huiying is a “reassuring” in the middle of the game. After playing in the backward row, he will be at risk and will continue to make great achievements.

In 1981, the Chinese women’s volleyball team made a successful world championship with tears and sweat. Cao Huiying, as the captain, was on the court and wanted to be called “Dragonfly”.

Finally won the third World Cup.

Let the Chinese women’s volleyball team first stand on the stage of the World Cup championship.

It was also that game that allowed the Chinese women’s volleyball team to begin to have “fine” and “soul”, and the spirit of the women’s volleyball team began to pass down from generation to generation.

Later, when she was found to have stiffened her right little finger, she said, “Nothing, the injury suffered when playing.”

At that time, it was possible to correct the operation, but I thought that it would not move without hindering the matter.

“” Hey, this is also the injury suffered when playing the ball, the whole meniscus has been changed, and dozens of needles have been sewn!

“All her uniforms are surrounded by needle marks, and there is a black-red scar in the middle. The title of “Iron Girl” is definitely not a name.

These injuries are the final epitaph of the champion.

On the court, “Dare to fight”, fearless, Cao Huiying has also won the “Dare Fighting Award”, “Best Blocking Award” and “Best Player Award”.

After retiring, Cao Huiying was appointed Deputy Director of the Scientific Research Department of the Bayi Sports Work Brigade in 1983. In 1985, he served as Deputy General Manager of the China International Sports Tourism Corporation and the rank of the University.

In the early 1990s, Cao Huiying went to the sea to do business.

In 1983 she married and married for a few years.

In 1997, Cao Huiying moved to Vancouver, Canada, through her daughter, and then returned to Beijing.

In addition to operating the company, Cao Huiying now pays more attention to health and leisure.

On weekends, she will easily enjoy the fun that life brings to them.

After retiring, Cao Huiying did not abandon volleyball. Now she is more than 60 years old. She often participates in some volleyball activities and performs some volleyball skills. From now on, one stroke and one style still have the style of the year.

Today, Cao Huiying, who values health and pays attention to leisure, is 64 years old. She can’t see the old age of this age, and she is still white and beautiful.

I wish that Cao Huiying is healthy, optimistic and open-minded, and values her health.

Stay away from injuries.

I also wish the Chinese women’s volleyball team preparing for the war in Japan to carry forward the spirit of the old generation of Chinese women’s volleyball team and win the championship.

Nutritional Value and Characteristics of Whole Grains


Nutritional Value and Characteristics of Whole Grains

What we usually call the whole grain is actually a “big family”: there are millet, corn, coarse rice, buckwheat, barley, oats, sweet potatoes, black beans, broad beans, red beans, mung beans, kidney beans, peas and so on.

銆€銆€According to experts, the nutritional value of miscellaneous grains is higher than that of refined flour and rice.

Contains many health care, longevity nutrients and anti-cancer and anti-cancer substances. The following describes the characteristics and nutritional value of the three kinds of miscellaneous grains: First, millet is the granular finished grain after millet is removed from the seed coat, the rice is small, ovalThe color is milky white or yellowish.

Divided into virgin millet, glutinous millet and mixed millet.

Its nutrients are based on dry matter: about 10% protein, 20 blanks?
39%, coarse fiber 0.

18% and calcium, phosphorus, iron and other trace elements and vitamin B family of rice are easily absorbed by the body, often eat millet can develop kidney gas, in addition to stomach heat, urinating, especially for maternity, children and patients.

銆€銆€Second, mung bean is a short-day warm-light crop, most of which can be planted. According to performance and use, the mung bean and green mung bean are classified. The green mung bean is green, shiny, sandy, not easy to boil, but has high sprouting rate.It is most suitable for raw bean sprouts.

The hairy green bean is dull, sandy and easy to cook, suitable for all kinds of food.

Main nutrients: 25% protein on a dry matter basis?
32%, rough 0.


3%, containing a variety of amino acids, vitamins and iron, calcium, phosphorus and other minerals, iron content in the food first, mung bean high protein, low feces.

Chinese medicine believes that the taste is sweet and cold, there is cooling and detoxification, diarrhea and diuresis, swelling and qi, in addition to annoying heat and nourishing the body.

銆€銆€Third, corn is one of the main edible grains, divided into four categories according to grain color and granule: yellow corn, white corn, waxy corn, and miscellaneous corn.

Main nutrients: protein 7 by substance.


9% rough, 2.


6%, crude fiber 1.


9%, containing calcium, phosphorus, iron, carotene and vitamins.

Its sexual Ganping, has the effect of stopping blood pressure and diuretic and diuretic.

銆€銆€The miscellaneous grains mainly contain vitamin E, which can damage the metabolism of brain cells and delay aging.

With the research on anti-cancer diet, experts have found that miscellaneous grains generally contain anti-cancer substances, so they can eat more grains and can keep fit and healthy.

Health and disease prevention in October, remember these 15 sentences is enough!

Autumn is the season of alternating heat and cold, the temperature is capricious, and the weak people are difficult to adapt at one time, and the disease is clustered.

If the old disease relapses during this time, or if a new disease is added, the next winter will be difficult.

What can I do to avoid these problems?

In fact, the folks’ 15 proverbs, the proverbs contain all the health care in the fall, and the prevention of disease.

Today, please ask experts to give us a detailed explanation of them.
It is not appropriate to fall in the autumn. Professor Yao Shiming of Hubei University of Traditional Chinese Medicine said: This proverb is exactly the “autumn harvest winter” of Chinese medicine. The key to “receiving” is to astringe the lungs, moisten the lungs and raise the lungs.

It is recommended to eat more fruits and vegetables with sweet and sour juice, such as pears, grapefruit, citrus and other fruits and radishes, melon, yam, lotus root and other vegetables, often eat rock sugar stewed pear, lily stewed pear, white ear lotus seed soup, rock candy bird’s nest, winter melonStewed duck and other foods can effectively relieve the symptoms of “autumn dryness” such as dry throat, cough, rough skin, dry stool and so on.

In the spring and summer Yangyang, Qiuyin Yangyin Hubei Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine doctor Hu Aiping said: in spring and summer, the human body is mainly outside the yang; in autumn and winter, it is necessary to pay attention to the collection and storage of yang.

It is recommended that the autumn sports should be based on static, and you can play Tai Chi, dance, and take a walk.

It is necessary to go to bed early and get up early. To extend the sleep time, it is recommended that people living in the city should sleep before 11 o’clock in the evening before 10 o’clock in the evening.

Taizishen (usually used in soups, the dosage is 3 g / person) is very good nourishing Yin food.

After eating the October vine, starved to death, Zhong Li, professor of health room at Beijing University of Chinese Medicine, said: Eggplant is rich in nutrients, but “starved to death” is too exaggerated.

Chinese medicine believes that eggplant has heat, blood circulation, swelling and pain relief, can cause dry stool, hemorrhoids bleeding.

Regular eating of eggplant can enhance the elasticity of capillaries and reduce the formation of senile plaques, as well as prevent blood pressure and regulate cholesterol.

Yang Li, a professor of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, said: In the autumn, people’s spleen and stomach are weak and weak. If you eat too much fruit, it will increase the damage to the spleen and stomach.

It is recommended that the melons should be moderate after the fall, especially those with weak spleen and stomach. It is recommended that you eat more seasonal fruits such as pears, fresh dates and grapes in autumn.

Chen Qunziong, director of the Center for Treatment of Untreated Diseases in Guangzhou City Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said: But in the clinic, because of the different constitutions of people, whether or not they can eat ginger varies from person to person.

It is recommended that people with yin deficiency and dampness and heat should reduce the amount of ginger and other digestive products; patients with endogenous fever (such as hepatitis jaundice, lung heat, dry cough, bad breath, hemorrhoids hemorrhage) should not eat ginger in large quantities.

People with spleen and stomach cold will have ginger in the morning, and they will feel warm on the chest, very comfortable, and temper the yang of the spleen and stomach to keep warm.

In general, it is not recommended to eat a lot of ginger before going to bed, because it may stimulate the stomach and affect sleep, which is not conducive to raising the human body.

Dr. Li Lili, Ph.D., Department of Food and Nutrition, Academy of Military Medical Sciences, Qiuzi, said: “It’s not always suitable for modern people to use meat.”

It is recommended that those who are thin, anemia, hypotension, and cold are recommended to eat beef and mutton when the autumn is coming.

Even if there are already high blood lipids, adults with liver and overweight people try to replace them with vegetables, fruits, and coarse grains.

In the fall, the winter is not good. I don’t look for the deputy director of the internal medicine department of Jining City Hospital of Shandong Province. Gao Ying said: People with higher body fat and high blood fat should eat a small amount of relatively relative duck meat, squid, squid, etc.;Older people with weak limbs can eat black chicken or chicken stew once a week to supplement their physical strength; old people who are chilly and cold can eat lamb properly.

Fresh fruits and vegetables should be combined with the body needs: if there are vision problems, such as presbyopia, dry eyes, etc., eat orange fruits and vegetables, such as carrots, pumpkins, mangoes, etc.; if the gums often bleed, eat more kiwi, crisp winter jujube, largeCabbage, etc.; healthy people prefer local seasonal fruits and vegetables, while ensuring that dark vegetables account for half of all vegetables.

Four seasons of spleen and Wang are not evil. Zhang Dede said: In summer, people often enter cold food, and the function of spleen and stomach is reduced. Therefore, it is necessary to adjust the spleen and stomach, sputum, sputum, yam, beans, and millet before the tonic.

“Shen Nong’s Materia Medica” is listed as a top grade, and it is said to be “a long-serving soul and soul, unfortunately extending the year.”

Therefore, medicated porridge is the best diet to regulate the spleen and stomach at this time.

Drinking bowl of porridge in the morning after the beginning of autumn, can not only diarrhea in autumn, but also prevent autumn dryness.

In the autumn, you can admire the autumn tourism, and you can also climb the mountain according to your own situation.

Zhang Hude said: The elderly are suitable for crawling some hills with gentle mountains and low altitudes.

Elderly people with high blood pressure, high blood pressure or osteoarthritis, basic osteoporosis and other basic diseases, if you want to climb, it is recommended to take the cableway up the mountain.

Spring and autumn, frozen, no miscellaneous disease Zhao Zhiguo, a Chinese medicine physician at Luohe Hospital of Changchun University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Jilin Province, said: Only the temperature is 15?
It is suitable for autumn freezing at 25 °C. It is recommended that people with rheumatism, arthritis and old age need to pay attention to temperature changes and keep warm.

The white body is not exposed, and the cold dew is not exposed. Professor Li Dingwen, the first affiliated hospital of Hunan University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, said: using ginger, Ai Ye, Clematis, papaya, Eucommia, Corydalis, Achyranthes, Mulberry, Tangerine, Chuanxiong 5 grams, boil water soaked feet, can be warm and yang, phlegm and dampness, blood circulation.

Zhang Hude, who is born in the autumn wind, said: Autumn is easy to live from the autumn wind.

Therefore, especially when the late autumn is close to the beginning of winter, when the wind starts, avoid it in time, keep warm before going out, and wear a scarf in the late autumn.

Dry evil hurts people, consumes people with fluid and dryness, and will have dry skin, dry mouth and dry nose, dry eyes and other symptoms.
Cheng Jiehui, the director of the Center for the Treatment of Diseases in Zhuhai Hospital of Guangdong Provincial Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine: Drinking plenty of water is a good way to solve the problem of “autumn lacking” in addition to “Qiu Zao”.

But people who drink only boiled water are uninteresting. The best way is to “toward salt water, late honey soup.”
Drink some light salt water in the morning (to prevent excessive salt, diet Chinese medicine to replace this part of the salt), you can bring fire to the Yuan, lower the fire and swallow, drink honey sugar at night, you can moisten dry Yin, nourish the lungs.

This not only replenishes water, but also protects the constipation in the fall, prevents constipation, and resists the declining diet.

After the fall of the spring and the autumn, the consumption caused by the summer is completely compensated. Many people feel weak and weak, tired and tired, and sleepy. This is called “autumn lack”.

The People’s Hospital of Liaoning Province, the main department of the four departments of the autumn advice: adjust the daily life; for the physical weakness, old and sick, temporary “autumn lack” can not be lifted, you can take Buzhong Yiqi pills, Liujunzi pills, incense sandChinese medicine such as Yangwei Pills is used for adjuvant treatment.

If the night can guarantee 7?
8 hours of sleep, often doze off during the day, may be some of the disease “does”, it is best to go to the hospital for cerebrovascular disease, heart disease, hypothyroidism and other diseases.

The autumn winds and autumn rains are old people. People who work indoors all the year round and those who are more sensitive to the cold are more susceptible to “autumn” than ordinary people.

Ni Kaiji, a psychologist at Renji Hospital affiliated to Shanghai Jiao Tong University School of Medicine, suggested that emotions should not be as public as in summer, but should be calm and calm.

Do more outdoor activities, or climb high, or boat in the water, or chess and painting, or fish farming, or dance.

15 proverbs, colloquialism, usually just talk about it, I did not expect that after the explanation of the experts, there are so many knowledge about disease prevention and health!