Ten stresses in women’s workplace


Ten stresses in women’s workplace

Women are now being pressured by themselves and the society, so let us take stock of the pressures facing the workplace.

銆€銆€First: the appearance of superiority encounters the boss’s sexual harassment. If the appearance is too prominent, there is nothing wrong with it. However, it is a good thing if the female white-collar worker looks too beautiful.

Because white-collar women often face-to-face with company CEOs, they are vulnerable to sexual harassment by the satyr boss.

Female white-collar workers want to keep their body as jade, but also want to keep this hard-won work, it is really difficult.

Therefore, many female white-collar workers are prone to depression, which is caused by her working environment and human environment.

It is also the most headache for many female white-collar workers.

銆€銆€Second: the appearance is flat and the face of the woman who is distressed by repeated cosmetic surgery is not wrong, because the skin is the gift of the parents!

However, it is a good thing for a female white-collar worker who is a high-paying petty bourgeoisie to be flat.

The same as a female white-collar worker, the income that looks flat is far lower than the beautiful white-collar workers who look good!

Because, certain job characteristics determine the beauty of women who are more attractive.

For example, public relations manager, foreign company translation, sales manager.

These professions are dealing with senior talents of different companies, and they are also the throat department of a company. If a beautiful female employee is armed with these occupations, it may bring benefits to the enterprise at certain times.

At the same time, the fair-looking female white-collar workers have higher salaries and wear fashionable and luxurious clothing.

However, his flat appearance looks like a feeling of ruin and expensive clothing.

Therefore, they will spend a lot of money on plastic surgery, and they will ponder how to make themselves a Zhang Ziyi, Maggie Cheung.

It’s not easy to make money, but in the end, it’s not worthwhile to send a lot of money to the beauty salon.

However, this money has to be spent, and it doesn’t cost flowers!

Therefore, they will run for the endless facelift!

One word is “annoying”.

銆€銆€Third: the lack of exercise, bloated and uncomfortable female white-collar workers mainly have expensive private cars, they traveled by the door to go to the door to sit on the sofa.

It will take you two or three hours to drive to work in Beijing.

Those who will settle accounts know that they have no more time to enjoy the physical exercise except to go to work.

Therefore, white-collar beauty will appear occupational disease: some kind of big PP, the lower abdomen grows a swimming ring, spiral legs.

The figure of a woman is her second face. The white-collar sister who does not have a good figure does not know how distressed the heart is!

Holding a lot of banknotes can’t buy fashion that suits you, so they will desperately lose weight, but they tend to lose more fat, so this is also their most troublesome thing!

銆€銆€Fourth: workplace competition is worried about male colleagues robbing rice. Shanghai is an international metropolis, bringing together elites from all over the country and around the world.

It is impossible to make a foothold in development here without paying the “price of blood.”

This is a relatively male-dominated society, and many top professional leaders are often male.

Because women have too much trouble in the process of doing business.

For example: marriage, pregnancy, production, caring for the family. This series of things requires women to pay too much time and energy, so many companies have discriminatory factors.

Therefore, as a female white-collar worker in Beijing, the work pressure is greater than that of a male white-collar worker.

They are always worried that they are being fired!

Every day is busy with work and scientific research, and even there are varying degrees of female occupational diseases.

銆€銆€Fifth: compare the car to each other, the economic spirit of the room is very involved. I believe that many female white-collar workers in Beijing have their own scooter, but women’s vanity is doomed to be less willing to buy a scooter than others!So they would rather buy a few high-end costumes and compete for their own cool cars.

The high-grade car is like someone’s sentiment, and the quality is directly proportional.

This phenomenon is very common in white-collar workers.

It is sure to give the female white tie a budgetary economic pressure.

Moreover, many female white-collar workers who come to Beijing are starting from scratch. It is not difficult to buy a house in Beijing.

However, the high-priced housing that is expensive has become the standard for female white-collar workers to compete with each other.

Therefore, only female white-collar workers who own housing are not considered to be noble.

Buying high-end homes is not an easy task. Don’t think about buying millions of high-end homes in Beijing.

Therefore, the mutual comparison between female white-collar workers has put them under heavy economic pressure.

銆€銆€Sixth: uniform uniforms cover the feminine charm of many companies are demanding uniform dress, this rule makes the beauty white-collar workers also annoyed!

Seeing my wonderful body, the extraordinary temperament has no chance to show, I feel very sorry and helpless!

Besides, white-collar workers are very busy at work, and spend most of their time in the company, so it is almost impossible to have the opportunity to wear fashion clothes.

Throughout the day, wearing a one-on-one uniform workwear to walk in the fashion international metropolis, I believe that a beautiful woman will also worry about others laughing like a “earth road.”

銆€銆€Seventh: life is boring monotonous lack of fashion fun white-collar women work too fast, they have no time to enjoy more good times in life.

Busy around the world and the company, a little spare time is spent sleeping and working hard to charge!

Because the fierce competition in the workplace allows them to slack off!

The same as the new fashion group, but they do not have more energy to go club, K song, taste.

Even shopping is to sacrifice your own time to fight for blood!

銆€銆€Eighth: words and demeanor are ridiculously ridiculed by senior management staff. Every time they have to pay attention to their own words and deeds, so many female white-collar workers may even have what language is popular today, what is popular, what clothing, cosmetics. have few opportunities to contact.

Therefore, in life, it is inevitable to encounter the “old-fashioned face” name.

I even asked some people who laughed and met others.

銆€銆€Ninth: High-intensity pressure work has no time to take care of family members. If you want to be a good white-collar worker, it is very difficult to get a high salary forever and not pay the price of blood.

Therefore, in addition to doing the work at hand, female white-collar workers have to constantly charge themselves for improvement!

Otherwise, the society will be eliminated, and the company will fire the squid.

In this way, they need to participate in various training courses in addition to their work, so as to improve their ability to adapt to society.

Therefore, they often blame themselves for not having time to honor their parents and to be intimate.

銆€銆€Tenth: Emotions go into the trough cliffs and become super-remaining women. Because female white-collar workers are more than the above, so they have no interest in this empty space, and even become a super-left woman, that is commonplace.

Moreover, the high quality of female white-collar workers is not too small, pick and choose, and finally, the high is not low, and the remaining in the middle of the country has become the biggest trouble for most female white-collar workers today!

Health tips to ensure sleep quality


Health tips to ensure sleep quality

Chinese and foreign medical experts have issued a warning: sleep diseases have seriously jeopardized human health, and it is necessary to strengthen research on this disease, prevent and treat knowledge, and improve people’s quality of life.

銆€銆€So, how should the elderly ensure sleep?

銆€銆€First, dinner should be eaten earlier, must be arranged two or three hours before bedtime.

If dinner is too late, the stomach is full, and if you sleep right away, then of course you can’t sleep.

銆€銆€Second, if you eat too much fibrous food, the stimulation of these food supplements will increase, and the stomach will swell. This unpleasant feeling will cause pain that is difficult to sleep.

At dinner, you must pay attention to eating foods that are easier to digest and do not cause long-term burden. From soy products, fish, eggs, meat, fried vegetables, balanced intake of animal and plant protein, inorganic salts, vitamins, etc. is preferred.
銆€銆€Third, eat lighter.

If the salt eats too much, it is easy to thirst, and wants to eat more water, so nocturia affects sleep.

However, it is not possible to extremely reduce the amount of water replenishment because it is too temporary.

The amount of water needed for a day, including the moisture in the food, is at 1.

Between 5 and 2 liters, when it is less than this, especially the elderly, it is easy to dehydrate.

銆€銆€Fourth, when you are upset and restless, drink a cup of palatable sugar and boil, gradually calming you down to sleep.

Because the sugar boiling water inlet, the body will produce a variety of chemical reactions, and finally produce a large amount of serotonin, so that the cerebral cortex is inhibited and enter a state of sleep.

銆€銆€Fifth, drinking a glass of milk before going to bed can also cause drowsiness.

Because milk contains a biochemical substance that makes people sleepy.

The nutrition of milk can make people feel full of food and drink, and it can enhance the hypnotic effect, making people sleep peacefully and deeply sweet.

But pay attention to the fact that milk can’t drink too much, too much causes indigestion, but affects sleep.

銆€銆€Six, drink a small bowl of millet porridge before going to bed, it is easy to fall asleep.

Because millet contains tryptophan and starch, it can trigger the secretion of insulin after eating, thereby increasing the amount of tryptophan that can enter the brain, thus hypnotic effect.

Six ways to help you health


Six ways to help you health

Five fingers pinch the ball: The fingers naturally grab a ball separately, each finger squeezes the ball hard, pauses and relaxes once.

Requirement: The pinching power is slow and long-lasting. When the pause is waited for the finger to have a sore feeling, then relax, so that it is pinched and loosened, and the ball is repeatedly pinched 6-10 times.

The tiger’s mouth clips the ball: the four fingers are close together, separated from the thumb, and a ball is clamped in the tiger’s mouth of the hand. There is a rhythm, the ball is gripped forcefully, and one clip is loosened once.

Note: When clamping the ball with force, there should be tension in the tiger’s mouth of the hand, and the ball is repeatedly clamped 6-10 times.

Rubbing the ball with both hands: The palms of the hands are opposite each other, and the ball is clamped in the palm of the hand to perform the croquet practice in a single direction; the fingers can be crossed by the fingers and the palms are pressed against each other.

Requirements: Use both hands to pull the ball up and down, first clockwise, then counterclockwise, and vice versa.

No limit to the number of times and time.

Five-finger ball: Hold a ball in your hand, and turn the ball to rotate. You can turn clockwise, then counterclockwise, or turn up and down.

Note: When the dribble is rotated, it should be slower at the beginning. After being skilled, the rotation speed can be gradually increased, and the number and time are not limited.

Throw the ball with one hand: throw the ball up, wait for the ball to alternate, and hold the ball with the five fingers. Stimulate the palm acupuncture points with the weight of the ball and the strength of the posture, 8-10 times.

Pay attention to safety when throwing the ball, so as not to hurt your legs and feet.

This method can also exercise the sense of space and increase the speed of reaction.

Holding the ball in the palm: Put a ball in the palm of your hand, grasp the five fingers of the hand naturally on the ball, then firmly hold the ball for a while, then relax for one time.

Requirement: Hold the ball firmly for a while, and then relax after the hand has a sore feeling, and repeatedly hold the ball 8-12 times.