The National Astronomical Observatory of the Chinese Academy of Sciences found that the recovery of the present galaxy’s rotation and acceleration of stars

The National Astronomical Observatory of the Chinese Academy of Sciences found that the recovery of the present galaxy’s rotation and acceleration of stars
According to CCTV news client news, the reporter learned from the National Astronomical Observatories of the Chinese Academy of Sciences that the research team found stars based on data from the Guo Shoujing telescope, a major national scientific and technological infrastructure, and found stars that could replace the acceleration of the current galaxy’s rotation speed.This result was published in the international academic journal Astrophysical Letters recently.Chinese astronomers have discovered that the current galaxy’s rotation accelerates stars, and its rotation speed is about 540 seconds, which is about one hundred seconds faster than the current star with the second fastest rotation speed in the Milky Way.The scientific research team analyzed the spectrum of the star in the Milky Way with a faster rotation speed and found that it was a very hot massive star.Due to the ultra-fast rotation speed, the star becomes flattened, which leads to its low equatorial temperature and low gravitation, and the light emitted is relatively dim; while the temperature of the two poles is high and the gravitation is large, the light emitted is relatively bright.Further research revealed that this star is located on the outer spiral arm of the Milky Way, about 30,000 light-years from the Sun.The star is leaving its current position at a speed of about 120 millimeters per second, suggesting that the star may have originated from the binary star effect. The expansion of the star in the late stage of the host star caused the star to accumulate the host star’s material, which accelerated its rotation.In the end, as the main star exploded as a supernova, the star was thrown out and became a star whose rotation speed accelerated in the Milky Way.Editor Yang Li Source: CCTV News Client

[Make Cola Chicken Wings]_How to make_How to make

[Make Cola Chicken Wings]_How to make_How to make

There are many ways to make chicken wings with cola, and the method is relatively simple. It can be said that it is a lazy welfare. It also has very few ingredients, that is, onion, ginger, garlic, sauce, wine, and a small can of cola.The chicken wings are cleaned, or you can cook them with water. Before cooking, you need to cut a few knives. After cooking, you can marinate and then make them. Let’s take a look at the Cola chicken wings.

Ingredients for Cola Chicken Wings: Chicken Wings, Cola, Coriander, Hemp Oil, Ginger, Salt, Garlic, Raw Soy Sauce, Chili Practice: 1. Prepare the ingredients, chicken wings marinated with raw soy sauce, salt, and hemp oil for 30 minutesabout.

2. Pour sesame oil into the pan and pour chicken wings, and the chicken wings decoction will change color.

3. The chicken wings decoction changes color, pour the prepared garlic, ginger, pepper, and stir fry.

4, after pouring the ingredients, stir fry a few times, you can pour into the cola, pay attention, do not pour too much cola, just cover the chicken wings.

5. After 10 minutes of high heat, the juice can be taken out of the pot, and the prepared coriander can be placed.

Regular two ingredients: 8 chicken wings, 1 teaspoon of MSG, 1 cup of cola, 1/4 cup of soy sauce, 1 tablespoon sugar, 2 shallots, cut into pieces, several dried peppers, 1 teaspoon cooking wine.

Method: All ingredients except chicken wings are mixed into a marinade.

Cut the chicken wings in half, immerse them in the marinade and marinate for about 40 minutes.

Marinate the chicken wings in a hot oil pan and fry until the outer skin is golden.

Add the marinade to the fried chicken wings, cook in another pot and boil over high heat, then cook over low heat for about half an hour.

Method three uses 500 grams of chicken wings and a can of cola.

The chicken wings are washed and cut into pieces, then marinated with salt and cooking wine for a while. The marinated chicken wings are fried in a 6-7% hot oil to be golden brown and then removed.

Leave a small amount of oil in the pot, simmer the ginger pieces and spring onions slightly, add chicken wings, add salt, soy sauce, sugar, cooking wine and cola, boil over high heat, change to low heat and simmer, and use the high heat to collect juice., Dripping sesame oil can be out of the pot.

[Breakfast recipes]_Breakfast_How to make

[Breakfast recipes]_Breakfast_How to make

Breakfast is of special significance to people. If you eat breakfast well, you can naturally start a full day.

Of course, after the stomach has rested for one night, when you get up the next day, you cannot eat too much greasy or spicy food. In addition, to ensure nutrition, breakfast must be accompanied.

Below, I will introduce the breakfast matching method in detail for everyone!

First, breakfast for office workers 1.

Five-color nutritious porridge (black rice, corn, sorghum, red beans and mung beans) + vegetable steamed buns + eggs + fried side dishes 2.

Soymilk (black beans and soy beans) + vegetable buns + eggs + fruits 2. Breakfast for the elderly is based on the following dietary principles of the elderly: 1. Balanced distribution 2 Reasonable mix of thick and thin food 3, light and salt-free food, avoid strong spirits 4, ensure fresh fruitAbsorption of vegetables 5, participate in moderate exercise, maintain energy balance.

Breakfast for seniors can be equipped with: A, 60 grams of eggs, 150 grams of milk, 100 grams of fruits, 100 grams of seasonal vegetables, 50 grams of lean meat B, 60 grams of eggs, 200 grams of gruel, 100 grams of steamed buns,100 grams of fruit, 100 grams of seasonal vegetables, 50 grams of lean meat, three, healthy nutrition (breakfast) a day in the morning, breakfast is the first meal of the day.

Some people think that skipping breakfast can reduce the conversion intake and achieve the purpose of weight loss.

However, not eating breakfast is extremely harmful to the human body and is not good for your health, and will affect your day’s work.

Breakfast is best to provide the body with a small amount of glucose.

Milk is also an essential part of breakfast. Increasing calcium supplements can reduce trace deposits, and the best source of calcium is milk.

Foods such as oats, barley, coarse rice, beans, and rye are rich in soluble and insoluble fiber. Foods that replace soluble fiber can help reduce the cholesterol content in the blood and reduce the risk of high blood pressure.

Another benefit is that it can slow the body’s absorption of glucose.

Soluble fiber can be combined with hypertension to carry it out of the body, reducing the possibility of developing hypertension and arterial disease.

In addition to milk and oatmeal, we recommend breakfast recipes: fresh fruit corn flakes + toast, salad bread box + fresh fruit juice.

[Is it possible to eat eggs with acne]_Eat eggs_Pimples_Can I eat

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Moving, the prostate benefits

Moving, the prostate benefits
Globally, the incidence of prostate cancer is on the rise and has become the second most common cancer in men.The National Cancer Institute lists age, family history, and levels of vitamin E, folic acid, and calcium in the body as risk factors for the disease, which involves 武汉夜生活网 lifestyle.Recently, a large-scale study in the United Kingdom showed that lack of exercise is significantly related to the incidence of prostate cancer.  An international joint research team composed of institutions such as the University of Bristol and Imperial College London used the Mendelian randomization method to examine 22 prostate cancer risk factors.Researchers will be 7.90,000 participants and 6 with prostate cancer.A comparative analysis of the medical information of 10,000 healthy participants found that participants with “active” gene mutations exercised more than normal people, and their risk of developing prostate cancer was lower than those who did not carry this gene mutation.51%.The research literature was published in the recently published International Journal of Epidemiology.  The 南京桑拿网 study’s lead author, Sarah Lewis, PhD in genetic epidemiology at the University of Bristol School of Medicine, points out that the so-called “exercise” replaces physical exercise, which can include all forms of physical activity, so encouraging men to increase their physical activity may prevent prostate cancer.The first creative use.Anna Dias Fant, director of the British Cancer Research Foundation, said they will continue to use the method to explore the impact of other lifestyle factors on prostate cancer.(High School Lin Lele)

Beijing New Building Materials (000786) Annual Report Comment: Market Share Continues to Increase, Capacity Expansion + Internationalization Steady

Beijing New Building Materials (000786) Annual Report Comment: Market Share Continues to Increase, Capacity Expansion + Internationalization Steady

Event: The company recently announced its 2018 annual report, and its 2018 revenue was 125.

65 ppm, an increase of 12 in ten years.

55%; net profit attributable to mother 24.

66 ppm, a five-year increase of 5.

20%; EPS is about 1.

46 yuan; deducted non-attributed net profit 25.

49 ppm, a ten-year increase6.


The company plans to pay 4 for every 10 shares.

6 yuan (including tax), the dividend rate is 31.

52%, an increase of 4 per year.

43 points.

The company’s fourth quarter revenue was 30.

53 ppm, a ten-year increase of -0.

15%; net profit attributable to mother 4.

23 ppm, a ten-year increase of -45.

73%; net profit attributable to non-attributed mothers 5.

5.9 billion, an annual increase of -32.


Opinion: The general demand for the gypsum board industry in 2018, we expect the company’s market share to rise against the trend; keel and other businesses have performed well.

1) The growth rate of completed houses in 2018 was generally weak. The growth rates of completed houses, offices, and commercial buildings in the structure were about -8.

1%, -3.

1%, -11.

1%, the commercial office is the main application area of gypsum board. We expect the gypsum board industry to have a slight negative growth in 2018.

The company’s gypsum board sales in 2018 were 18.

6.9 billion square meters (we expect the Dream brand gypsum board consolidated sales to be about 0.

200 million square meters), an annual increase of 2.

6%, economic growth performance industry, market share has further increased, of which we expect the growth of the Dragon brand gypsum board performance of the company’s overall level.

In 2018, the company’s gypsum board revenue was 109.

3 ppm, an increase of 10 in ten years.

6%, of which 18H2 income 56.

8 ppm, a ten-year increase of -3.


2) In 2018, the company’s keel and other products (painting, mineral wool board, etc.) revenue were about 11.

3, 4.

4 percent, an increase of 26 per year.

9%, 28.
3%, good growth performance.
The decline in the price of gypsum board led to a gradual decline in the gross profit margin; the single flat fee increased.

1) As of 2018, the supply and demand performance of the gypsum board industry is weak. We expect that the price of gypsum board will slowly decline from quarter to quarter, and some of the raw material costs such as facial tissue will fall to hedge.
The overall gross profit margin of Q4 companies was 35.

5%, 36.

6%, 36.

0%, 32.

9%, of which Q4 gross margin decreased slightly. We expect that in addition to the continued decline in prices, it will also be affected by other costs such as labor.

2) The company’s 2018 single flat period expenses (taxes, three fees, asset impairment losses) are about 0.

83 yuan, up from 0 in the past.

07 yuan, mainly due to research and development costs, labor costs increased.

3) The company’s full-caliber Shanping net profit in 2018 was approximately 1.

33 yuan, +0 for one year.

03 yuan, of which 18H2 single flat net profit 1.

17 yuan, down 0 a year.

55 yuan.

The subsidiary Taishan Gypsum had a net profit of approximately 苏州夜网论坛 16 in 2018.

600 million, an annual decrease of 6%. We expect that due to the cost of litigation, Shan Ping’s net profit will decrease every year.

Mengpai New Materials Co., Ltd. consolidated its net profit of about 10.89 million yuan, and we estimate that Shan Ping’s profit will be 0.


6 yuan.

The US gypsum board issue continues to weigh on earnings.

Since 2018, the company has successively concluded the advantages and the Allen lawsuit. Recently, the company announced that it has reached settlements with no more than 498 plaintiffs in the Amorim case (the case involved a total of about 2995 plaintiffs). Partial settlements in this case affect net profitAbout 1.

90,000 yuan, a drag on Q4 single-quarter profit.

The company’s non-operating expenses in 2018 were about 2.

7 ppm, an increase of 1 per year.

400 million, of which non-operating expenses reached 2 in 18Q4.

0 billion yuan.

In lieu of the impact of all relevant litigation costs in the US gypsum board matter, the company’s net profit attributable to its parent in 2018 was approximately 27.

2 ppm, an increase of 10 in ten years.


The company’s production capacity expansion has been strengthened, and internationalization has steadily advanced.

The company has completed the acquisition of Shandong Wanjia Assets (total capacity).

900 million square meters, of which Pingyi Wanjia is not combined). At the same time, it has planned to expand the production capacity of gypsum board to 3 billion square meters in the future. It will expand 21 production lines in total.

The company continues to promote internationalization, and the democratic production line is profitable in the same year it opened. The transformation company proposed at the 2019 working conference that it is committed to achieving the global 50% market share target.

Maintain “Highest Market” rating.

The company has abundant book capital (approximately USD 3.9 billion in 18Q4 cash assets), and its asset-liability ratio has replaced historical lows (approximately 19).

4%), cash cow attributes are outstanding, we are optimistic about the company’s merger cost advantages to increase market share and the realization of industry pricing power.

Expected company 2019?The EPS in 2021 will be 1.

75, 1.

85, 1.

97 yuan for the 2019 PE 11?
13 times, reasonable value range 19.
twenty two.

75 yuan.

risk warning.

Uncertainty in overseas litigation matters; raw material prices grew faster than expected.

Northbound funds this week to support 23 billion A-shares

Northbound funds this week to support 23 billion A-shares

Source: Wind News. The first trading day in November ushered in a good start. A shares opened lower and moved higher on November 1. The apparent net inflow of funds to the north helped the three indexes to grow collectively.

  At the close, the Shanghai Composite Index rose 0.

99%, Shenzhen Component Index rose 1.

73%, GEM Index rose 0.


  (Picture from: Wind financial terminal APP) Kitakami funds actively bought, this week’s net inflow of 23 billion, 7 days to increase positions.

Specifically, this Friday, the net inflow of northbound funds was 74.

500 million yuan, of which the net inflow of Shanghai Stock Connect was 32.

The net inflow of Shenzhen Stock Exchange was 7.8 billion yuan.

7.2 billion.

  National Gold Securities analysts Li Lifeng, Wei Xue, and Ai Xiongfeng stated in the research report that the opening up to the outside world will continue to advance and further diversify international indices. Mutual transfer will be the general trend and become an important force supporting the bottom of the market.

  The research report stated that since the implementation of the QFII system in 2002, the QFII quota has increased from the initial USD 4 billion to USD 300 billion in early 2019.

As MSCI, FTSE Russell, S & P Dow Jones and other international mainstream indexes have steadily increased their share weights, foreign investors’ investment needs in the sovereign financial market have increased accordingly.

  With the further opening of the A-share market, coupled with events such as the division of A-shares into MSCI, foreign exchange has accelerated inflows into A-shares in the past two years. In 2017 and 2018, China Securities Exchange had net inflows of 1997 billion and 294.2 billion, respectively; until October 30On this day, the net inflow of China Stock Connect this year was 210.9 billion, and foreign countries have gradually net inflows of about 852.7 billion through China Stock Connect.

  What does Kitakami Capital buy?

  Wind data shows that as of now, the number of A shares held by Beijing Capital is 2007, and the value of the stock market has reached 1.

22 trillion, a record high, an increase of 608 over the end of the third quarter.

700 million or 5.


Among them, the Shanghai stock market value exceeded 700 billion yuan, reaching 7398.

9.5 billion yuan, the Shenzhen Stock Exchange held a stock market value of 2503.

8.6 billion yuan, the small and medium-sized board, the ChiNext holding the stock market value rose to 1531.

1.4 billion, 777失败:重查.

6.9 billion yuan.

  In terms of wind power secondary industry configuration, the food and beverage industry still replaces the top capital allocation list.

The top 4 industries with the highest stock market value held by Beishang Capital are food and beverages, durable consumer goods and clothing, banks and pharmaceuticals, and the market value of their positions exceeds 100 billion yuan.

  From the perspective of the change in the proportion of positions, last weekend, three major industries, such as durable consumer goods and clothing, food and beverage and tobacco, pharmaceutical biotechnology and life sciences, significantly increased their positions, and the proportion of increase in positions was 0.

45%, 0.

34%, 0.

At the same time, this week, the banking, real estate, capital goods, technical hardware and equipment, and transportation industries suffered reductions, and the proportion of reductions exceeded 0.


  From the perspective of specific stocks, a total of 671 stocks this week received an increase in capital from the north.

Among them, Dashenlin, Haixing Power, Weir Shares, Xusheng Shares, Sofia, Senter Shares, Vantage Shares, China Inspection Group and other 8 stocks have increased their holdings by more than 2%, and another 35 stocks have increased their holdingsAbove 1%.

  In terms of reductions, a total of 610 stocks suffered reductions from Kitakami funds this week.

Among them, the proportion of positions held by Gujia Household fell by 14.

17 single tops; Yuetai shares, Yutong Bus, Quanzhi Technology all reduced their shareholdings by more than 2%. In addition, 22 banks including Hangzhou Bank, Aonong Biotechnology, AVIC Shenfei, and Huafa have reduced their shareholdings by more than 1%.
  What does Kitakami Capital mean for A shares?

  GF Securities analysis said that all foreign countries mainly include Beijing Capital and QFII / RQFII.As of 19Q3, all foreign holdings accounted for about two-thirds of the funds in the North, and QFII / RQFII accounted for about one-third.

  According to the research report of Guangfa Securities, according to the expanded data, the total foreign shareholding scale at the end of the third quarter of this year was one.

77 trillion yuan, 66% of which is the capital of Beijing, 34% of which is QFII / RQFII. The capital of Beijing’s capital in foreign investment has further expanded.

  Guosheng Securities Research reported that the funds from the north have reshaped the structure of stock investors, and foreign voices have continued to increase.

  With the accelerated inflow of foreign countries, the proportion of foreign exchange in the A-share investor structure has increased rapidly.

Among the current institutional investors, from the perspective of the proportion of the market capitalization held in circulation, the public offering ratio is the highest.

52%; followed by insurance, accounting for 3.

79%; third is foreign, accounting for 3.


Consistent with the accelerated inflow of foreign exchange in the past two years, the foreign share has risen rapidly since 2016, and the gap with public offerings and insurance has narrowed rapidly.

In the future, it is expected that the proportion of foreign substitution will further increase.

  In November, MSCI implemented the third step of the expansion of A-shares. The incremental foreign exchange funds will then flow into the A-share market. In the short term, market sentiment will improve.

  From the industry perspective, it is expected that foreign incremental injection of “medicine, banking, food and beverage, non-bank, electronics” and other industries will expand in November. The above sectors are worthy of attention.

In the medium and long term, A-shares will gradually become internationalized and absorbed into the general trend. The right to speak will gradually increase, which will help support the bottom of the market. At the same time, the degree of influence on the market will further increase.

  In addition to bringing incremental funds, improving the structure of A-share investors and boosting market sentiment, Kitakami Capital also promoted A-share market governance from the side.

  According to MSCI, the number of A-share suspensions has dropped significantly after exceeding the company’s index.

  Foreign countries continue to flow into A shares. At present, the three major international indexes are actively expanding A shares.

  On November 8, MSCI will release a list of additions and deletions to the semi-annual index for November 2019. The specific index investment adjustments will be implemented on November 26 and will take effect on the 27th.

Theoretically, this expansion may bring about $ 19.5 billion in active incremental funds, equivalent to 1372.

3.9 billion yuan.

  China National Securities Research reported that A shares were separated from the MSCI special report. In November, due to the division of mid-cap stocks, the scale of passive incremental funds brought by this time will be the highest ever, which is expected to be 49.3 billion yuan. Large-cap stocks and mid-cap stocksPassive incremental funds were RMB 28.1 billion and RMB 21.2 billion, more than the past four times.

  In November, 175 mid-cap stocks will usher in the first division, and the mid-cap will be equal to 15.

41%, mainly in the pharmaceutical, electronics, computer and other industries.

  MSCI officials said that since A shares were gradually divided by the three main MSCI indexes, namely, the MSCI Emerging Market Index, MSCI National Index and MSCI China Index, the number of stock accounts that increased trading of A shares increased by 5,600, and the allocation of funds to the north was about 84 billionUSD A shares portfolio.

  On October 10, MSCI announced that from November 2019, the qualified science and technology board securities will be classified as the MSCI Global Investable Market Index (GIMI).

  Moving A shares beyond the existing index system, FTSE Russell actively followed up.

  According to the FTSE Russell plan’s A-share replacement related index plan announced in September 2018, it shows that in June 2019, A-shares replaced the FTSE Russell Index for the first time with a 5% replacement factor; in September 2019, the A-share replacement factor was changed from 5% To 15%; in March 2020, the stock dividend factor will rise from 15% to 25%.

  After the completion of the first phase, the weight of A shares in the FTSE Russell Global Stock Index and Emerging Markets Index will be raised to 0, respectively.

57% and 5.


According to official FTSE Russell data, funds tracking the FTSE Russell Global Stock Index System are approximately one.

At USD 7 trillion, the size of passive “linked tracking” index funds accounts for about 80% -85%, and active “reference tracking” index funds account for 15% -20%.

  The S & P Dow Jones Indices began consulting the market on the issue of A-share splits as early as 2013.

In December 2018, the S & P Dow Jones Indices announced the results of the classification of the Chinese stock market, announcing that it would become an international index related to the A-share split.

On September 23, 2019, the S & P Dow Jones Indices officially replaced A shares.

  Michael Orzano, senior director of the S & P Dow Jones Global Equity Index, said that after the formal division of A shares, it will consider increasing the proportion of A shares at an appropriate time.

  Guosheng Securities research report shows that foreign admission is still in its infancy.

From the perspective of space, the current foreign market share in the domestic market is only about 3%, which is far lower than the 15% market share in Japan and South Korea. A shares are still in the low replacement market in the global market, and the proportion of domestic and foreign investment will continue.rise.

At the end of November, the third expansion of MSCI this year will attract about 200 billion US dollars of incremental funds to enter the market. The long-term trend of foreign value-added rights is difficult to change.

  Institutions: November’s warmer market analyst Zhang Qiyao of Guosheng Securities and Zhang Junxiao reported that why the home appliance industry has become the first choice for foreign warehouses in the near future?  Estimated cost + completion boom is improving, and foreign appliances are the first choice in the current stage of home appliances.

The estimated level of the home appliance industry has been relatively low. As of October 31, the PE level of the home appliance industry was about 16 times and the PB level was about 3.

Doubled, the business climate of the completed real estate industry improved, and its ROE level and performance growth rate have maintained significant advantages, and the estimated value has gradually become prominent.

Compared with food and beverage and pharmaceutical biotechnology, the estimated advantages of the home appliance industry are prominent, and it is still expected to obtain significant value-added in the future.

  Zhang Yulong, an analyst at CITIC Construction Investment, said that in addition to A shares, MSCI is the reason for growth, but it is not the primary reason.

  Before the Spring Festival in January 2020, the high level of CPI was the main line of the market, and the downward trend of interest rates was still in the process of interruption.

The judgment of maintaining market ups and downs is still mainly in the direction of underestimation and excellent performance in the short term, but it is recommended to move from banks to higher value industries such as home appliances, construction, and real estate.

Long-term is still a two-wheel drive of technology + consumption.

Always under the background of financial supply-side reform, the allocation value of securities firms, especially leading securities firms.

  Anson Securities is cautiously optimistic about the market outlook, and believes that the market risk appetite in November is still trending downward, and the profit appeal is being replaced.

We still hold optimistic expectations on the medium-to-long-term economic new and old kinetic energy conversion trend and liquidity status. The medium- and long-term trend of the A-share market has not reversed, but it is reasonable to usher in a certain period of shock adjustment.

It is considered that at this stage, positions need to be controlled, waiting for the timing, and considering the characteristics of the expected downlink of risk, in addition to a high boom, tactically increase the focus on underestimation and supplement the upswing sector.

  Huatai Securities pointed out that in terms of equity, the Fed ‘s interest rate cuts have increased the scope for adjustment of the RMB policy, and a window for foreign exchange transactions will also appear in the fourth quarter. In addition, corporate profits will also improve, which should not be considered negative overall.

No negative in the fourth quarter is positive.

But even if there is not much room for growth, it is relatively consistent that the fourth quarter is still an oscillating market.

Looking at the industry, in addition to TMT, innovative medicine and other industries, the banking, infrastructure, home appliances, cosmetics and other industries have noticeably increased attention.

  Dongguan Securities analyst Fei Xiaoping and Chen Xiyang said that overall, the external environment is stable, the performance of listed companies has steadily increased, and domestic growth is expected to increase steadily, and the capital market will also usher in mid-to-long-term funds entering the market and northward fundsThe continued evolution of the tilt has resulted in the overall market’s capital remains active. After the shock and consolidation in September and October, the technical side has stabilized and the market confidence has been restored. It is expected that a stable rebound will be ushered in November.

The core fluctuation range is 2900-3100 points.

  (This article is synthesized from the announcements of companies such as MSCI, research reports of securities companies, etc.)

Ten stresses in women’s workplace


Ten stresses in women’s workplace

Women are now being pressured by themselves and the society, so let us take stock of the pressures facing the workplace.

銆€銆€First: the appearance of superiority encounters the boss’s sexual harassment. If the appearance is too prominent, there is nothing wrong with it. However, it is a good thing if the female white-collar worker looks too beautiful.

Because white-collar women often face-to-face with company CEOs, they are vulnerable to sexual harassment by the satyr boss.

Female white-collar workers want to keep their body as jade, but also want to keep this hard-won work, it is really difficult.

Therefore, many female white-collar workers are prone to depression, which is caused by her working environment and human environment.

It is also the most headache for many female white-collar workers.

銆€銆€Second: the appearance is flat and the face of the woman who is distressed by repeated cosmetic surgery is not wrong, because the skin is the gift of the parents!

However, it is a good thing for a female white-collar worker who is a high-paying petty bourgeoisie to be flat.

The same as a female white-collar worker, the income that looks flat is far lower than the beautiful white-collar workers who look good!

Because, certain job characteristics determine the beauty of women who are more attractive.

For example, public relations manager, foreign company translation, sales manager.

These professions are dealing with senior talents of different companies, and they are also the throat department of a company. If a beautiful female employee is armed with these occupations, it may bring benefits to the enterprise at certain times.

At the same time, the fair-looking female white-collar workers have higher salaries and wear fashionable and luxurious clothing.

However, his flat appearance looks like a feeling of ruin and expensive clothing.

Therefore, they will spend a lot of money on plastic surgery, and they will ponder how to make themselves a Zhang Ziyi, Maggie Cheung.

It’s not easy to make money, but in the end, it’s not worthwhile to send a lot of money to the beauty salon.

However, this money has to be spent, and it doesn’t cost flowers!

Therefore, they will run for the endless facelift!

One word is “annoying”.

銆€銆€Third: the lack of exercise, bloated and uncomfortable female white-collar workers mainly have expensive private cars, they traveled by the door to go to the door to sit on the sofa.

It will take you two or three hours to drive to work in Beijing.

Those who will settle accounts know that they have no more time to enjoy the physical exercise except to go to work.

Therefore, white-collar beauty will appear occupational disease: some kind of big PP, the lower abdomen grows a swimming ring, spiral legs.

The figure of a woman is her second face. The white-collar sister who does not have a good figure does not know how distressed the heart is!

Holding a lot of banknotes can’t buy fashion that suits you, so they will desperately lose weight, but they tend to lose more fat, so this is also their most troublesome thing!

銆€銆€Fourth: workplace competition is worried about male colleagues robbing rice. Shanghai is an international metropolis, bringing together elites from all over the country and around the world.

It is impossible to make a foothold in development here without paying the “price of blood.”

This is a relatively male-dominated society, and many top professional leaders are often male.

Because women have too much trouble in the process of doing business.

For example: marriage, pregnancy, production, caring for the family. This series of things requires women to pay too much time and energy, so many companies have discriminatory factors.

Therefore, as a female white-collar worker in Beijing, the work pressure is greater than that of a male white-collar worker.

They are always worried that they are being fired!

Every day is busy with work and scientific research, and even there are varying degrees of female occupational diseases.

銆€銆€Fifth: compare the car to each other, the economic spirit of the room is very involved. I believe that many female white-collar workers in Beijing have their own scooter, but women’s vanity is doomed to be less willing to buy a scooter than others!So they would rather buy a few high-end costumes and compete for their own cool cars.

The high-grade car is like someone’s sentiment, and the quality is directly proportional.

This phenomenon is very common in white-collar workers.

It is sure to give the female white tie a budgetary economic pressure.

Moreover, many female white-collar workers who come to Beijing are starting from scratch. It is not difficult to buy a house in Beijing.

However, the high-priced housing that is expensive has become the standard for female white-collar workers to compete with each other.

Therefore, only female white-collar workers who own housing are not considered to be noble.

Buying high-end homes is not an easy task. Don’t think about buying millions of high-end homes in Beijing.

Therefore, the mutual comparison between female white-collar workers has put them under heavy economic pressure.

銆€銆€Sixth: uniform uniforms cover the feminine charm of many companies are demanding uniform dress, this rule makes the beauty white-collar workers also annoyed!

Seeing my wonderful body, the extraordinary temperament has no chance to show, I feel very sorry and helpless!

Besides, white-collar workers are very busy at work, and spend most of their time in the company, so it is almost impossible to have the opportunity to wear fashion clothes.

Throughout the day, wearing a one-on-one uniform workwear to walk in the fashion international metropolis, I believe that a beautiful woman will also worry about others laughing like a “earth road.”

銆€銆€Seventh: life is boring monotonous lack of fashion fun white-collar women work too fast, they have no time to enjoy more good times in life.

Busy around the world and the company, a little spare time is spent sleeping and working hard to charge!

Because the fierce competition in the workplace allows them to slack off!

The same as the new fashion group, but they do not have more energy to go club, K song, taste.

Even shopping is to sacrifice your own time to fight for blood!

銆€銆€Eighth: words and demeanor are ridiculously ridiculed by senior management staff. Every time they have to pay attention to their own words and deeds, so many female white-collar workers may even have what language is popular today, what is popular, what clothing, cosmetics. have few opportunities to contact.

Therefore, in life, it is inevitable to encounter the “old-fashioned face” name.

I even asked some people who laughed and met others.

銆€銆€Ninth: High-intensity pressure work has no time to take care of family members. If you want to be a good white-collar worker, it is very difficult to get a high salary forever and not pay the price of blood.

Therefore, in addition to doing the work at hand, female white-collar workers have to constantly charge themselves for improvement!

Otherwise, the society will be eliminated, and the company will fire the squid.

In this way, they need to participate in various training courses in addition to their work, so as to improve their ability to adapt to society.

Therefore, they often blame themselves for not having time to honor their parents and to be intimate.

銆€銆€Tenth: Emotions go into the trough cliffs and become super-remaining women. Because female white-collar workers are more than the above, so they have no interest in this empty space, and even become a super-left woman, that is commonplace.

Moreover, the high quality of female white-collar workers is not too small, pick and choose, and finally, the high is not low, and the remaining in the middle of the country has become the biggest trouble for most female white-collar workers today!

Health tips to ensure sleep quality


Health tips to ensure sleep quality

Chinese and foreign medical experts have issued a warning: sleep diseases have seriously jeopardized human health, and it is necessary to strengthen research on this disease, prevent and treat knowledge, and improve people’s quality of life.

銆€銆€So, how should the elderly ensure sleep?

銆€銆€First, dinner should be eaten earlier, must be arranged two or three hours before bedtime.

If dinner is too late, the stomach is full, and if you sleep right away, then of course you can’t sleep.

銆€銆€Second, if you eat too much fibrous food, the stimulation of these food supplements will increase, and the stomach will swell. This unpleasant feeling will cause pain that is difficult to sleep.

At dinner, you must pay attention to eating foods that are easier to digest and do not cause long-term burden. From soy products, fish, eggs, meat, fried vegetables, balanced intake of animal and plant protein, inorganic salts, vitamins, etc. is preferred.
銆€銆€Third, eat lighter.

If the salt eats too much, it is easy to thirst, and wants to eat more water, so nocturia affects sleep.

However, it is not possible to extremely reduce the amount of water replenishment because it is too temporary.

The amount of water needed for a day, including the moisture in the food, is at 1.

Between 5 and 2 liters, when it is less than this, especially the elderly, it is easy to dehydrate.

銆€銆€Fourth, when you are upset and restless, drink a cup of palatable sugar and boil, gradually calming you down to sleep.

Because the sugar boiling water inlet, the body will produce a variety of chemical reactions, and finally produce a large amount of serotonin, so that the cerebral cortex is inhibited and enter a state of sleep.

銆€銆€Fifth, drinking a glass of milk before going to bed can also cause drowsiness.

Because milk contains a biochemical substance that makes people sleepy.

The nutrition of milk can make people feel full of food and drink, and it can enhance the hypnotic effect, making people sleep peacefully and deeply sweet.

But pay attention to the fact that milk can’t drink too much, too much causes indigestion, but affects sleep.

銆€銆€Six, drink a small bowl of millet porridge before going to bed, it is easy to fall asleep.

Because millet contains tryptophan and starch, it can trigger the secretion of insulin after eating, thereby increasing the amount of tryptophan that can enter the brain, thus hypnotic effect.

Six ways to help you health


Six ways to help you health

Five fingers pinch the ball: The fingers naturally grab a ball separately, each finger squeezes the ball hard, pauses and relaxes once.

Requirement: The pinching power is slow and long-lasting. When the pause is waited for the finger to have a sore feeling, then relax, so that it is pinched and loosened, and the ball is repeatedly pinched 6-10 times.

The tiger’s mouth clips the ball: the four fingers are close together, separated from the thumb, and a ball is clamped in the tiger’s mouth of the hand. There is a rhythm, the ball is gripped forcefully, and one clip is loosened once.

Note: When clamping the ball with force, there should be tension in the tiger’s mouth of the hand, and the ball is repeatedly clamped 6-10 times.

Rubbing the ball with both hands: The palms of the hands are opposite each other, and the ball is clamped in the palm of the hand to perform the croquet practice in a single direction; the fingers can be crossed by the fingers and the palms are pressed against each other.

Requirements: Use both hands to pull the ball up and down, first clockwise, then counterclockwise, and vice versa.

No limit to the number of times and time.

Five-finger ball: Hold a ball in your hand, and turn the ball to rotate. You can turn clockwise, then counterclockwise, or turn up and down.

Note: When the dribble is rotated, it should be slower at the beginning. After being skilled, the rotation speed can be gradually increased, and the number and time are not limited.

Throw the ball with one hand: throw the ball up, wait for the ball to alternate, and hold the ball with the five fingers. Stimulate the palm acupuncture points with the weight of the ball and the strength of the posture, 8-10 times.

Pay attention to safety when throwing the ball, so as not to hurt your legs and feet.

This method can also exercise the sense of space and increase the speed of reaction.

Holding the ball in the palm: Put a ball in the palm of your hand, grasp the five fingers of the hand naturally on the ball, then firmly hold the ball for a while, then relax for one time.

Requirement: Hold the ball firmly for a while, and then relax after the hand has a sore feeling, and repeatedly hold the ball 8-12 times.