Traditional Chinese medicine to improve your acne


Traditional Chinese medicine to improve your acne

The disease occurs mostly in puberty of men and women. The occurrence of the face is more than the face, and some are distributed in the upper part of the chest and back. At first, it is a small pimples or blackhead pimples with the same pores. It is rosy around, squeezed and squeezed, and has rice-like white.Powder juice; some papules have small pus, and evolve into bloated, severe symptoms such as headache and head swelling, some of which do not break and slowly form microscopic tumors, affecting the appearance of young men and women, resulting inPsychological burden, many young men and women are estimated to be helpless.

The disease is not big, but it is difficult to get rid of it. The situation is that since then, the old rash has just disappeared from the new diagnosis, often for several years or more than ten years, and generally disappears after 28-30.

Generally, no scars are left, and serious scars can be left, and some form orange peels.

Now I introduce a prescription for the treatment of this disease, which costs less and has a significant effect.

銆€銆€Prescription: White peony Angelica sinensis borneol medicine 4 grams each method: deicing, the remaining medicine is made into a coarse powder, placed in an appropriate amount (about 150 ml) of 65% alcohol, sealed for a week, oscillated several times a day, accelerate effectiveThe leaching of the ingredients, the liquid is brownish red, filtered to clear, and the dregs are discarded. The borneol is ground into a fine powder (drop 2 drops of water in the chyle and added into the borneol to form a powder), and the mixture is thoroughly stirred.Accelerate the dissolution (a small amount of insoluble) to dissolve most of the borneol, add 65% alcohol to 200 ml, ie.

銆€銆€Usage: Dip this product with a cotton swab and apply the affected area several times a day (after holding for one hour, wash it off.


In general, the papules begin to shrink after two days, and continue to use the drug until it disappears.

銆€銆€This product is basically no side effects (do not use alcohol allergic), you can use it with confidence, this product has a cosmetic effect, the white 鑺疯梺 鑺疯梺 灞?濂?濂?閮芥槸 閮芥槸 閮芥槸 閮芥槸 閮芥槸 閮芥槸 閮芥槸 閮芥槸 閮芥槸 閮芥槸 閮芥槸 閮芥槸 閮芥槸 閮芥槸 閮芥槸 閮芥槸 閮芥槸 閮芥槸 閮芥槸 閮芥槸 閮芥槸 閮芥槸 閮芥槸 閮芥槸 閮芥槸 閮芥槸 閮芥槸 閮芥槸The occurrence of facial sores.

Keep your face radiant and bright, and keep your youth forever.

This product economy (a few dollars) is practical and excellent.

銆€銆€A few suggestions: male and female friends (especially ladies) with strong cortical secretion during the ascending phase of adolescence, there must be a choice of cosmetics, try to use less cream, because leather secretion requires good access, when using creams and the likeWhen it comes to cosmetics, it is easy to artificially cause cortical adenosine, which poses a hidden danger for the occurrence of sore.


銆€銆€Do not squeeze the part by hand after the crack has occurred.

銆€銆€Always wash the batter with warm water soap, then a few drops of pure glycerin in the clear water, wash the batter, keep the sebaceous gland unobstructed, because glycerol has the effect of dissolving the cortex.

銆€銆€Try to eat greasy, thick and spicy foods and eat more vegetables and fruits.

銆€銆€You can often make tea with winter wheat and double peanuts.