Chinese Football Association Xianghe discusses the league restart, or accept the empty field game

Chinese Football Association Xianghe discusses the league restart, or accept the “empty field” game
The Chinese Football Association again discussed the league restart.Information picture / Following the preparatory work meeting of the Ancient Professional League in Shanghai on April 9th, the Chinese Football Association today again at the Xianghe United League work meeting to discuss the league, the third-level league admission list, and the National Youth to participate in key topics such as China B.Chinese football matches are completely closed due to the new crown pneumonia epidemic. When will the Chinese Super League start in the new season?The Chinese Football Association budget has designed many sets of plans, and the league restart time was at the end of April, mid and late May, late June and early July.The Air Force has reported that the Football Association has formulated three principles of “no empty field, no new year, no downsizing” for the 2020 season, but only that the league rearrangement is still determined.If the game must start in July, these three principles can only make concessions: It is reported that the “not empty field” may be adjusted to gradually open, that is, after the league is opened, the empty field will be implemented first, and then the audience will be gradually increased according to the actual situation in various places.The proportion of the seats, and finally achieve a full recovery of the audience to enter the game; “No downsizing” is affected in many ways-in the second half of the year, there is still a need to set aside the guarantee of the national team training, the time for the Super League BIG4 to participate in the AFC Champions League, if the league schedule is not adjusted accordinglyThe available time will be extremely tight. From the external point of view, affected by the region and the climate, “Not New Year” will be the most needed guarantee for the Football Association in the new schedule.In addition to the restart of the league, the Football Association completed the work of this conference and the third-level league admission list that is concerned by the outside world.For the National Youth and Super League reserve teams, there are also many details that need to be finalized.Due to the participation of multiple departments, the Xianghe meeting of the Football Association will continue tomorrow, and the final plan will be announced soon next week.Sauna, Ye Wang Zhou Xiao Editor Han Shuangming Proofreading Li Lijun